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Kandi Buras sends love to her ex-sisters following a night to remember her


Kandi Burus After a night of remembering, he sent his love to his exp sister. See his post below.

‘Las Knight was everything! Thanks, everyone for all the love! And a lot of love to my #excluded sisters! Ster ster আমরা SterlingPix Styled We gave what we were supposed to give: @ TheralNigGeremy ‘Kandi made the title of her post.

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Someone said: ‘Girl you see TF good last night Bay Bay !!! 🔥🔥 ‘Like and one commenter posted this:’ Last night Kandi was your strength everything! From beginning to end !! That’s why you’ve always been on top. I love you queen! ‘

Another follower said: ‘It was the best verge to pray from the DJ, I don’t have a voice but it was worth it !!! Thank you. Beautiful concert. “

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Someone else said: ‘Candy the way you bought everyone together last night was great. Kudos 🙌 ‘and a fan says:’ You carried those verges !! Your strengths, looks, vocals, features and song composition. You killed it all – you were in disguise. ‘

One fan said: ‘.. # Sidebar @Kandi You have no idea Bills Bills wrote the bill .. The game is no joke’ and a Tother follower said: ‘You were all looking amazing! That candy was unmatched in your strength and made the notice you noted clear! Well done ladies you were all amazing! Can we get a tour? !! 🥺 ‘

Someone else said: ‘I see why you cry so successfully !! It’s your mindset and how you think and solve problems. I’m looking forward to getting your book out and some pages for your personal and business life. “

Kandi Burus He has shared two new photos from his BFF anniversary so he can show off his toned legs. Check out the pictures he managed to impress his fans!

‘My Bubu @tiriolayigeremi was enlightened for his 35th! I am so glad I came to celebrate with him.
. @MasterLingPix, ‘Kandi headlined his post.


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