Kandi Burruss refuses to charge the restaurant client for 2 ice cubes

Kandi Burruss refuses to charge the restaurant client for 2 ice cubes

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A customer put the restaurateur down Kandi Burruss on blast furnaces after he was accused of ice in one of their establishments.

Ryan Williams, a criminal defense attorney who eats The Real Housewives of Atlanta star’s Blaze Steakhouse, the restaurant accused him of paying $ 4 for 2 ice creams.

Williams went on social media claiming he was overloaded with cheese, a margarita and two ice cubes, which were listed on the reception as “rocks”.

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Williams said he was very excited that he would have to pay an extra $ 4 for 2 ice creams in his drink.

Hien Budgets $ 300 per month for business dinner and that he counts every penny because he does not like to translate.

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Williams contacted the restaurant on social media to give them a chance to fix the congestion.

Blaze Steakhouse contacted Williams and apologized profusely for the misunderstanding. They paid his $ 4 back to him and Update shared on Instagram.

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Kandi also took to social media to explain our congestion.

In a video posted on his Instagram stories, Kandy said that larger drinks require more ice. And, despite the “rocks” cost on receipt, she charges customers for the extra alcohol.

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