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Karan Mehra denies allegations of wife Nisha’s extramarital affair: ‘These stories are baseless’


Actor Karan Mehra has denied all allegations of his affair by his wife Nisha Rawal and said that his reputation has been attacked.

Karan Mehra denies allegations of wife Nisha’s extramarital affair: ‘These stories are baseless’

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popular tv actors Karan Mehra He was arrested on Monday night after his wife Nisha Rawal lodged a complaint of alleged physical assault. The actor was released on bail on Tuesday morning. On the basis of Nisha’s statement, the Goregaon police took her into custody. After the incident, Nisha Rawal spoke to the media about Karan Mehra’s extramarital affair and which she came to know about a few months back. The actress shared that she had spoken to him about the affair after seeing her text messages.

Talking about the allegations of extra marital affairs, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai fame Karan Mehra has said that all these allegations are bound to come and he will be associated with many people. He said the stories are baseless and he has not cheated on his wife. He said that he did not have an extramarital affair.

The actor has completely denied the allegations leveled by his wife including that he did not care for his wife and their son. Karan also hit back at Nisha saying that she has violent tendencies and was demanding a huge amount for maintenance. Karan shared in an interview with Hindustan Times, “I have been insulted and it is unbelievable to use the Poor Girl card now. People know me in the industry and know what I put into this marriage and what I did for it. Today I am not in a position to give what she wants and this is what I get? When lavish life thi, you used to enjoy, today is bad time, we have to face, you want to be different. I agreed to part ways but didn’t do everything to take over. Bring Karan on the road and we get all the money, that’s the plan. If I give away everything I earn, what will I live on? “

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