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Karan Mehra denies cheating on wife Nisha Rawal, calls allegations baseless


After Nisha Rawal leveled allegations of extramarital affair against her husband Karan Mehra, she has termed them as baseless. Nisha had filed a police complaint against Karan for physical harassment. Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai The star was arrested. However, he was soon released on bail. “One of the charges filed against him by me is of domestic violence. I didn’t talk about it for so many years because I understand that for an actor his career and image is very important. Despite being thoughtful and compassionate, I have encountered something like this. It’s definitely about Karan having an extra marital affair, I’m trying to work on the marriage, he’s not even taking the responsibility of the child and has been misbehaving continuously for years, which I never talked about. Didn’t. I have evidence to substantiate my claim.” bt.

“All these allegations are bound to come to the fore and I will be linked with many people. These stories are baseless. I haven’t cheated on her and I don’t have any extramarital affair,” Karan told a leading daily, denying the allegations. Sharing his side of the story, the actor further told a daily that his wife herself had committed an affair. had hit his head against the wall and threatened to ruin it.

Karan Mehra

“Nisha broke into my bedroom as we have been sleeping in separate bedrooms for a while. She started shouting and abusing my family, told me ‘I will ruin your life’, spat on me and I calmed down. told him not to behave inside. Like this and to go back to his bedroom. I didn’t want to talk properly. I got up to go to the bathroom when he suddenly banged his head on the wall and said, ‘ Now dekho kya hoga’. Actually, Nisha has mood swings and a violent anger streak. She throws stuff and kills herself and others. Five-six years ago, she was diagnosed as bipolar. Our friends And people including relatives have seen his behavior in public and I couldn’t take it any more,” he said.


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