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Kate Winslet gleefully weighs in at J.Lo and Ben Affleck’s reunion


No, Kate Winslet #Bennifer is not keeping up.

While many fans Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are doing on the ground On their romantic reunion, it seems Winslet isn’t one of those people searching for the latest updates on their relationship. During a recent interview With the new York Times, the Oscar winner was asked to “confirm or refute” a series of rapid-fire statements, including “You can’t stop reading about Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez.”

Winslet’s reaction? “What? No! I’ve never read about Jennifer in my life,” easttown mare The actress told the outlet. “What are these questions?”

during the game, titanic The alum was also asked about making a sequel to the iconic 1997 film for Disney+, confirming she “never will.”

As for Affleck and Lopez, they’ve been headlines in recent weeks Because of their rekindled romance. The stars, who were initially set to tie the knot before calling off their engagement, raised eyebrows in early May when he traveled to montana. Since then, the two have been spending more and more time together, even enjoying a recent date night in Los Angeles.

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