Katie Thurston plays a lot about the status of relationships in Bachelor


Katie Thurston She is teasing fans about what to expect in her upcoming season as a star Bachelorette.

Thursday, April 29, from the 30-year-old standout Matt James‘season you Unmarried Taken to her Instagram story to give a flashy message about the status of her relationship. The post included footage of Katie during the camp trip as she looked away and briefly held her left hand so that she did not wear any jewelry.

“My family is looking for a ring,” he wrote.

The post included parts of a pop-punk band Newly found gloryThe video for the 2004 single “All Descend from Here” features the song, “You Hide Something” because it catches your eye.

There is no question that Katie’s run on the show will give a new experience to long-term viewers. The season scheduled for the June premiere on ABC will be co-hosted by the former Bachelor’s Leads Caitlin Bristow And Taishia Adams Due Chris Harrison After defending, he is temporarily withdrawing from the franchise earlier this year Rachel Kirkkonel.


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