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Keir Starmer will reshuffle the Labor Shadow cabinet on Sunday


Keir Starmer he remodeled his shadow cabinet on Sunday as a result of Labor poor election results it continued.

Starmer has already fired the deputy director Angela Rayner as party president and campaign coordinator, then Work it lost control of a number of councils and the parliamentary seat on Hartlepool’s “red wall” for the first time since its inception in the 1970s.

The Labor leader has faced a backlash from leading figures for apparently dismissing Rayner.

The Allies insist he has been offered another job in the Shadow Cabinet, but have been unable to say what it would be, with Starmer in the process of reshuffling his senior team on Sunday.

Reports suggest that Shadow Communities Secretary Steve Reed could replace Rayner.

Ian Murray, Scotland’s shadow secretary, and MP Chris Bryant have also received tips for the promotion.

Meanwhile, the chancellor of the shadows, Anneliese Dodds, is among the people who said they were in line for a retreat.

There has also been criticism from some sections of the party of Starmer’s key aide, Jenny Chapman, a former Darlington MP.

Speaking to Times Radio on Sunday, Murray insisted that Rayner had not been fired and that Starmer wants to move her to a “much more prominent role” so that Labor can benefit from her “authentic voice”.

But after headlines that Rayner had been fired, sparked outrage from some in the party, Murray admitted: “The communications of the last 24 hours have not been top quality.”

Pool via Getty Images

Starmer and Rayner, on the campaign trail, Wednesday in Birmingham

Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham, who has indicated he is willing to take over from Starmer if asked, said of Rayner’s looting: “I can’t support that.

“This is simply incorrect if true.”

Former leader Jeremy Corbyn’s team members, who come from the left of the party, were some of those who criticized the deputy director’s “scapegoat” step.

Former Home Secretary Diane Abbott called it “baffling”, while John McDonnell called it a “huge mistake”.

McDonnell, a former shadow chancellor, told the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show: “When the party leader said on Friday that he was taking responsibility for the election result in Hartlepool in particular and after the scapegoat Angela Rayner, I think many of us we feel this is unfair, especially since we all know that Keir’s leadership style is that his office controls everything.

“It’s very centralized and controlled the campaign.”

In another sign of the party’s splits, the great Labor Lord Peter Mandelson urged Starmer to dilute the influence of party members and the “hard left factions” linked to the formative unions.

He said Starmer should undertake a “serious review” of labor policy.

“I also think it has to look at how the party is organized, how it represents the real foundations of the party and reflects the genuine views and values ​​of Labor voters across the country in all nations and regions of the country,” Mandelson said. a Times Radio

“The idea that the Labor Party and its policies and prospects can be disproportionately driven frankly by a mix of grassroots members in London and the South East and by the kind of left-wing factions that are affiliated with the unions, that needs to move forward, we need to change.

“So party reform I think is an essential part of what Keir has to take on afterwards.”

In addition to undertaking a reshuffle, Starmer has hired former Gordon Brown chief pollster Deborah Mattinson, who has written a book about why Labor lost the so-called “red wall” in the 2019 general election – as director of strategy.

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