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Kelly Dodd calls out Andy Cohen to say she’s on the wrong side of the story, RHOC Alum insists she’s right

Kelly Dodd calls out Andy Cohen to tell Ex RHOC Star Ass On "Wrong side of the story" About COVID Comments And insists the story "Support their opinions" About Pandemic

Credit: Bravo

Kelly Doud shares what Andy Cohen has to say about her behavior in the first months of the COV1D-19 pandemic.

How Real Housewives of Orange County Fans know Kelly was fired after making several controversial comments about the pandemic, including the idea that the Virus was “God’s way to dilute the flock.” And even though Andy questioned Kelly about her remarks at the season 15 reunion, she now claims he came “after her” behind the scenes.

“Andy Cohen came after me. Because we had our wedding on 10/10 and then filmed the reunion?” She sarcastically asked on her unmasked podcast next to her husband Rick Leventhal per The sun.

She added, “He was like ‘How dare you travel and have a wedding in a pandemic? How could you?'”

Kelly, who considers herself a libertarian politician, claims that Andy told her that her opinion was flatly wrong.

“I was told I’m on the ‘wrong side of the story’ for wanting children in schools to sell two of them [Rick’s]Homes in New York and Florida and here I am … three times as many cases now, ”she said. “But I was told I was on the wrong side of the story.”

Rick supported his wife and said, “A wedding in a pandemic … I’m sorry 60,000 people were in a stadium last weekend for a football game across the country.”

“But there are three times as many cases now as there were a year ago,” he said former Fox News Reporter continued. “And yet it’s ok to fill a stadium with people, but we were criticized for having a wedding with 30 people in our home?”

The the couple tied the knot in an intimate ceremony on October 10, 2020, which was one year after Rick asked the question.

Meanwhile, after the Sun reported on Kelly comments about Andy, she went on Instagram to clarify a few things while promoting her podcast.

“To clarify, I did not strike [Andy], “She said of the headline of the story.” But point out how the story actually supports my positions [COVID] now more than ever! thanks [The Sun] for your support! ”

If fans remember, Andy apparently defends Kelly’s “speech” about the pandemic earlier this year after admitting mother-of-one opinions are “annoying.”

“I do not agree with their position on COVID, but there are many people who do shares her opinion, “The See What Happens Live The host told the vulture in April. “And by the way, she’s in Orange County, where their opinion is probably the prevailing opinion.

He added at the time, “The line between celebrating someone’s statement and saying someone’s not liking them really has disappeared these days. Bravo is thought of as escapism, and I do not personally think that people should Bravo should be on trial for their political and cultural opinion. That does not seem so amusing to me! “

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