Ken Doll stunned as jailed for ‘lack of respect’ for law

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A man known as Ken Doll is getting ready to spend some time. in prison after repeatedly refusing to abide by court orders and showing disrespect for the law.

The promising reality TV star, whose real name is Jimmy Featherstone, appeared in court on November 15, accused of failing to comply with the requirements of a community order.

Featherstone, 22, is bound by two court orders regarding cases heard in court. Hull Magistrates Court In May 2020 and in April of this year, Body Live reports.

His failure to comply with both orders finally caught him on November 15, and he was sentenced to prison for contempt of the courts.

Attending the Hull Fair this year, Jimmy is a well-known character in the city.
Attending the Hull Fair this year, Jimmy is a well-known character in the city.

Featherstone is best known body As a tanning junkie and avid TV personality who claims to spend £10,000 a year on her plastic surgery obsession.

He appeared on the court in a mustard tweed-print jacket with brown leather-style trim, ripped jeans, red shoes, and red gloves.

He did not expect to be sentenced to prison for bringing his shopping with him to court with an H&M bag that he had to leave out before appearing before the district judge.

The court heard that Featherstone had repeatedly violated public order since he was offered 15 office appointments by the parole service, attending only six of them.

The probation service considered the four reasons for absenteeism legitimate, leaving the five cases in which the applicant did not attend and the absence of an acceptable reason for his absence.

Featherstone still had 20 days of incomplete rehabilitation work when he went to court on Monday, accused of violating public order.

The court was told she spoke ‘unacceptably’ to her appointed criminal manager when questioned about her most recent absence earlier this month.

Defense attorney Mr. Vining told the court that, as a mitigation, Featherstone had told him he had trouble remembering appointments and had bought himself a diary to help with these problems.

District Judge Passfield questioned the mitigation and asked Mr Vining, “I’m assuming he has a phone, doesn’t he have a calendar phone?” Asked.

Featherstone pleaded guilty to the most recent charge of violating the court order, and Mr. Vining spoke in extenuating circumstances on his behalf. He said: “He’s reconciled with the feeling that he’s been used by the victim over the past year. [the subject of the first court order in 2020].

“This is what gave him trouble in the past, the previous violation was related to the curfew imposed after that case, and he said the equipment not working properly was a problem from the beginning.

“Now he admits that he violated the curfew from time to time and regrets his actions.

He plans to pursue a career in reality TV and says he can pay a fine if the court decides it will suffice.

“He is absolutely terrified of the prospect of prison time and feels that his appearance while in custody will leave him vulnerable.

“She told me she’s been subjected to public assaults in and around downtown Hull just for her looks and homophobic overtones.”

Despite the mitigation order submitted to the court, District Judge Passfield ruled that Featherstone had shown contempt of the courts’ jurisdiction and that his recidivism was worthy of jail time.

He said: “Mr Featherstone, it is clear to me that you do not feel bound by the orders given by this court.

He treated Hull Fair, 22, who had 'spent thousands' at the Beverley Races, in much the same way – he even planned his outfits months in advance.
He treated Hull Fair, 22, who had ‘spent thousands’ at the Beverley Races, in much the same way – he even planned his outfits months in advance.

“You have shown complete disrespect after your parole in May 2020, which you continued to violate multiple times.

“A community order was given to you by the same court in April 2021, you violated that order again this year.

“Reconsidering your sentence, today I am giving you eight weeks in prison for both crimes, you will serve them simultaneously and you will spend a total of eight weeks in prison.”

Featherstone, looking stunned by his sentence, bent down to say he was going to jail as the staff entered the room handcuffed.

She remained in shock as she was taken into custody and taken to custody. It was a point of contention exchange, and he was stacked in anticipation of the exchange as he walked out of the courtroom.

Just hours before she went to court, she posted a picture of a gin and tonic to Instagram with the musical caption, ‘Days Like This’ by Van Morrison.

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