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Kevin Smith is thrilled not to play in a batgirl theater


That news Bad boys life Helmers, Adil El Arabi and Bilal Fallah will take part Batgirl For Warner Bros., the film was met with mostly positive receptions, but there are people who are not happy with the way the film is released. Director and comic book nord around, Kevin Smith is happy that A. Batgirl The movie is coming, but he thinks the property is too big to just flow through HBO Max.

In the latest episode of his podcast Exceeding Fatman, Smith made it clear that he thought the decision to leave theaters for the release of HBO Max was foolish. While talking to his co-host Mark Bernadine, Smith went through an explosive-filled bet that shows how much he loves his position:

“I have to call the mayor of Hollywood – what a nut you are!” How is it just a streaming series and it’s not *****… like, they got it Wonder Woman. But I like, take Surprise, Throw Bat, To accept Female Close, keep Girl, Making the same amount of money. Like they could print big f * cking dollars. Properly managed, it is a billion dollar franchise. And you just cast it, oh sh * t6, there’s a great streaming series. I’ll talk to anyone Hacks Not one of the best F **** series of all time, now being aired on HBO – and I’m not a paid F *** INO advocate either. I’m just a big fan. But I didn’t think they would Batgirl This way. Probably a spin-off animated series for sure but it smells like a movie to me.

Once Smith calmed down, he cut his billion-dollar estimate for the franchise in half, but his views were the same. He thinks it’s rather stupid Batgirl Avoiding theaters for movie streaming. The character, who made his first appearance 60 years ago, is described as Smith “DC is one of the most iconic female superheroes in the universe.” This may very well be true. The character is known by at least people that comic books don’t follow either and it’s a property that has some box office potential. Warner Bros. had previously announced that some of their DC properties would receive film releases that are suitable for drama and others would go live streaming. The live-streaming features were meant for “low-level” characters that are probably not well-known but suitable for live-action adaptation treatment. I’m not sure I’ll consider Batgirl a “low-level” character so I can see some of Smith’s remarks.

What do you think? Batgirl Is the movie worthy of release on the stage or is it streaming in the right way?

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