Keyshawn Davis promises to fulfill his ‘fate’ as world champion after relaunching professional career with Top Rank | Boxing news

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Keyshawn Davis has vowed to fulfill his “fate” by becoming an undisputed world champion after the United States’ red-hot prospect relaunched his pro career with Top Rank.

The talented 22-year-old showed off his dazzling abilities at this summer’s Olympics in Tokyo and returned with a silver medal after coming on credit from a lightweight final against the honorable Cuban Andy Cruz.

Davis was predictably in demand, with Top Rank winning the battle for his signature, while his older brother Kelvin Davis also committed his future to the campaign team.

Keyshawn Davis
Keyshawn Davis is one of the most exciting talents in America

You can hear the excitement in Davis’ voice as he talks about the next step in an already successful boxing career.

The Virginia native known as ‘The Businessman’ had no doubt that Top Rank was the right fit for him and his boxing family, now that his amateur days are behind him.

told Davis Sky Sports: “I feel like other promoters were just interested in me, but I carry a brand with my brothers, our brand DB3.

“I feel like Top Rank was a no brainer, they understood the importance of the brand and they gave us a great deal, which is undeniable.”

Kelvin Davis
Kelvin Davis has joined Keyshawn in Top Rank’s promotional stable

This was the top priority for Davis and his siblings, though he first enjoyed a well-deserved rest and more public attention than usual.

“After the Olympics, I had a lot to catch up on and I needed to get back into the rhythm of living everyday life. I was on the go for two months,” he said.

“I have been treated so well in my city and state. Every time I step out of the house, people either stare at me, want a picture or congratulate me.

“Love is different now, and it’s like I’m already a bit of a star. I seem to have gained more respect than I already had.

“When I got home, I gave myself two and a half weeks of cooling off, even though I made sure my weight was not too high because after the Olympics I was in the best shape of my life. You will not lose everything. That momentum.”

“Business-wise, I got my ducks in line. Talked to my family daily about how we should move forward.”

When he returned to daily boxing, his first day back in training camp was definitely a challenging day.

“In my first session back, I sparred Crawford. It was a great experience when the last time I sparred him, I was 19 and I’m 22 now. He tested my abilities and my will, and it definitely pushed me.”

Speaking ahead of Crawford’s ruthless stop by Shawn Porter on Saturday, Davis had predicted that the welterweight champion WBO would overcome his most capable opponent.

“I understand boxing, and if you just stick to the basics when you face a pressured fighter, use the plug, keep your hands up, work your body, if you stick to the basics of boxing, a super offensive fighter will never hit you.” said Davis.

“Press fighters do not focus on their defense, they are open to many shots. Crawford knows how to handle it.

“He does not know how to go to war with Porter, as Errol Spence Jr. did.”

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Terence Crawford did what no one had done before when he stopped Shawn Porter in the tenth round.

Davis expects to join his brother on the underdog when Ukrainian star Vasyl Lomachenko takes on Richard Commey in New York on December 11, live on Sky Sports.

“I’m fighting in lightweight; my brother Kelvin is fighting in super lightweight,” he said. “We are both top prospects and they are going to move us quickly from December 11th.

“I’m fighting a Mexican while my brother’s fighting Corey Champion, the guy from the double knockout on a Top Rank card.

“We all know how Mexicans fight, they are all robust and tough, but I feel it should be a victory in the first round for me.”

Both Keyshawn and Kelvin are hoping for a hectic schedule next year.

“I would like to have at least four matches in 2022, possibly up to six.

“By the end of 2022, I should be fighting in 10-round fights, then we should be ranked in 2023 for a belt with a sanctioning body.”

Davis put his professional hopes on hold to pursue success at the Olympics, but he had previously won three victories in the paid ranks, including two appearances on the underdog for Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez.

The Mexican star most recently became the undisputed super-middleweight king, a rare feat that Davis has bravely predicted he himself can fulfill.

Keyshawn Davis
Keyshawn Davis wants to win world titles in a variety of divisions

“I want to become world champion as soon as possible, whenever it may be,” he said. “It’s something I’m already destined for and I want to be more than that.

“I want to be something more extravagant than a world champion. I want to be an undisputed world champion in multi-weight. A first world champion will only be the beginning and make me hungrier.

“I feel like Canelo Alvarez has done the best, and done what he wants in different weight classes. I want to be one of the fighters who can do something like that.”

Self-confidence is the key in boxing. You can never accuse Davis of missing it.

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