Khloe defends where they are referred to as “great”

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Keeping Up With the Kardashians Alum Khloe Kardashian opens up about her sensitivity about True Thompson being referred to as a “big” kid.

Khloe Kardashian does not like when people name her daughter “large“an den Continue with the Kardashians Alum explains why. Chloe has struggled with body image issues since her youth and does not want True Thompson to experience the same. With True as the daughter of two elderly parents, the baby continued the trait. But Khloe wants to make sure people understand the difference between a call and a call. “large“or”large. “

The Good American founder has been transparent about her health struggles over the years. Khloe used her Revanche Body Series to help others achieve their weight loss goals as they once did when they divorced Lamar Odom. Earlier this year, Chloe revealed how difficult it was for her to love her body after dealing with comparisons with her siblings all her life. Khloe was caught in a leak Photo scandal and she responded to the flashback by posting some videos showing her body. In a lengthy headline, she admitted that she was still struggling with uncertainties about her look and that is why she went so hard over the unappreciated bikini photo that surfaced online.

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With Khloe raising her own daughter, she works to deal with some of the harm she has suffered since childhood. “When it comes to food – I had so many problems. It was not from a person, I mean just from society or how people criticized my body, “he said. Khloe said bless you Magazine. “So, I’m not playing when it comes to True. She’s very big. People always say, ‘She’s so big.’ And I say, ‘Oh, she’s so big.’ I’m trying to make them more descriptive. I know what an adult means when they say that, but I do not want her to misinterpret it. “ It’s a good observation in Khloe’s way of protecting her daughter from some of the emotional scars she’s still carrying.

Khloe credits True for being “really hard,“call the trait”a great thing.“She remembers to see her daughter as she bumps into things and simply cuts it off and continues with her business. Khloe will comfort her daughter, but she realizes that the baby is not looking for it.”I always try to tell her that it’s OK if she cries or not if something is wrong, “ Khloe added. Chloe was one of the more transparent about her body and cosmetic improvements compared to her family. During the KUWTK Reunion, Khloe admitted to having a nose job when asked by the family about promoting unattainable beauty standards.

With True as the daughter of a reality star and NBA champion, she will grow under the public eye. But Khloe is already showing the self-love and confidence she needs when dealing with public criticism. The Continue with the Kardashians Sisters were spotted filming their new Hulu content. True also appears in a commercial Khloe and Kris shot for the streaming platform. Chloe will likely share new aspects of her parenting trip to Hulu. Fans enjoy watching the famous family and their descendants.

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