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Khloé Kardashian Clapped Back at One Commenter After Calling Kanye West ‘Brother for Life’


You in my business, don’t do that! Earlier today, Khloé Kardashian wished her estranged brother-in-law Kanye West Happy Birthday ‘Gram’. Yeezy turns 44 today, and Khloé shared a photo of herself, Tristan, Kim, and Kanye in the water and pinned a cute note in the caption. “Happy birthday to my brother for a lifetime!!! Have the best birthday ever! Sending you love and endless blessings!!” Khloe wrote. Kim commented on the post dropping the balloon emoji. While most people were focused on Kanye wearing a full shirt at sea, one commenter felt the need to share his dislike for Khloe, calling her “brother for life.”

Chili, the commenter, received more than expected after leaving a lengthy comment saying that Khloé was petty for calling Kanye his brother for life and that his sister bond compared to feeling the need to say it. Must be much stronger.

Khloe shut down the commenter and said that she doesn’t need to talk about her family as if she knew them personally. “Why are you commenting on something you don’t know anything about? You don’t think my sisters and I talk about each other’s feelings? We are with each other every day,” wrote Khloe. She continued, “This is my family. Not yours! Don’t comment as if you know unless you really know. strange !!!”

More than 1,000 people commented on Khloe’s post and applauded her for standing up for herself and clapping back. Although Kim and Kanye are going through a divorce, Kim also showed her some love on the chickpeas and wished her a happy birthday and wrote that she loves him for the rest of her life.

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