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Kho Kho, Odisha Juggernauts beat Chennai Quick Guns by a score of 51-41 in the opening game of Wednesday at the Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex, Mahalunge, Pune, making Day 8 of Ultimate Kho Kho (UKK) a complete success. Mumbai Khiladis beat a hapless Rajasthan Warriors team 56-42 in the second game of the evening, all thanks to a masterful defensive performance.

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Odisha Juggernauts vs. Chennai Quick Guns

Odisha Juggernauts requested Chennai Quick Guns to launch their attack first after winning the toss. The Juggernauts were launched with a Dream Run by the first batch of Defenders. Odisha’s Batch 2 Defenders were on the mat when the Quick Guns attempted a Powerplay, however, no harm came to the Defenders because the Batch only lasted for 2:59, allowing the Quick Guns to add another Dream Run to their total. The Juggernauts’ main defenders in this turn were Gowtham M. K. and Jagannath Murmu, who made sure that they were losing by only 15 points after seven minutes Kho Kho.

The Kho Kho Batch 1 Defenders of the Quick Guns made every effort to stay longer on the mat, but they were removed after 2:10 seconds. Ramji Kashyap bothered the Juggernauts Attackers while the Powerplay was active, but he was ejected before the Quick Guns’ 2:30 seconds on the Batch clock had passed. At the completion of the opening inning, the Juggernauts led by nine points.

The Juggernauts Batch 1 Defenders, in particular Subhasis Santra, were outstanding in defense during Turn 3 and finished a four-point Dream Run. The Quick Guns established a two-point lead with 2:14 left in the turn thanks to a significant number of three-pointers in their attack, but after that, they squandered the opportunity to increase their lead and appeared sloppy. The difference between Chenna and Odisha at the conclusion of the third edition was just five points, Kho Kho.

P Narasayya’s Dream Run allowed the Quick Guns’ Defenders to keep a tiny lead over their opponents as they tried to shave off time. However, the Juggernauts put on a show and kept scoring thanks to the advantage of attacking in the last turn. Before the final horn blew, though, Chennai’s Batch 3 Defenders scored a consolation Dream Run. With a dominant 51-41 victory over Chennai Quick Guns, Odisha Juggernauts moved up to second place in the standings Kho Kho.

Match Prizes:

Milind Chavrekar won the game’s attacking award.

Subhasish Santra won the game’s defensive award.

Ultimate Match-winning Kho: Madan

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Match 16: Rajasthan Warriors vs. Mumbai Khiladi

Rajasthan Warriors won the toss and decided to go on the defensive initially in the match between the bottom two teams. For 2:20 seconds, the Warriors’ Batch 1 Defenders defended. The Batch 2 Defenders were on the mat when the Khiladis took the Powerplay after a respectable opening period. The Rajasthan Warriors started their scoring with a Dream Run thanks to Akshay Ganpule’s deft footwork, but they were unable to corner the Defenders. The Warriors appeared to be playing defense with a lot more composure this round. At the conclusion of the opening seven minutes, the Khiladis led by 21 points, Kho Kho.

The Khiladi Batch 1 Defenders were the target of a barrage of Khos from the Warriors’ Attackers, and they all came from Sky Dives. Mohammed Taseen attacked Batch 2 while remaining in the same lane before deciding which side to switch to and eliminating the threat, Sreejesh S. When their Batch 3 Defenders led Mumbai Khiladis on their first Dream Run of the match, it was a significant moment. Before the final batch of defenders in this phase walked onto the mat, the teams were pegged evenly at 25 apiece. The Warriors only had a two-point lead at the halfway point, thus the score was level, Kho Kho.

The Warriors’ captain Majahar Jamadar, who is known for his attacking style, stepped out to do the defensive duties in Batch 1. In the final two minutes of the Batch clock, the Khiladis Attackers made sure to eliminate the Defenders. When Dilrajsing Sengar played strong defense and contributed a key four-point Dream Run to the scoreboard, Rajasthan Warriors were ecstatic. At the end of Turn 3, the Khiladis enjoyed a 15-point advantage after scoring 21 points in the attack Kho Kho.

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