May 7, 2021


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Kia introduces the IONITY bolt-on for fast charging


Kia UK Limited has introduced a new IONITY bolt-on to its Kia Charge service, which it says opens the door to low-cost, high-power charging for Kia EV owners.

Kia Billing ( provides comprehensive access to the UK’s public billing network, with nearly 17,000 connectors accessible from a single account. The new bolt-on allows Kia EV owners to access IONITY’s high speed 350kW charge point across the UK and Europe.

Available to Kia Charge users, the bolt-on costs 11.25 per month. Thanks to Kia’s partnership with IONITY, it allows Kia Charge users to enjoy heavily discounted fast charging on the IONITY network. The bolt-on reduces the standard charging rate from £ 0.70 per kWh by 64 per cent, up to £ 0.25 per kWh. It also eliminates the £ 0.49 session fee.

So, for example, recharging a 64kWh e-Niro or Soul from 10-to-80 per cent via an IONITY connector costs just £ 11.20, compared to £ 31.85 without a bolt-on-a hassle save over £ 20.

Moreover, the Kia EV6 due to launch later this year will be Kia’s first offer 800V ultra-fast charging. This technology allows the car battery to recharge from 10- to-80 per cent in just 18 minutes (and at a cost of just £ 13.55) when plugged into IONITY’s ultra-fast charge network.

The new bolt-on also allows users to access IONITY’s 400 power charging points in 24 European countries with a similar discount on the charging fee, Kia claims, speeding up the fast charging fast on cross-Continental drives.

Once signed up, Kia EV and PHEV owners can start charging via the Kia Charge smartphone app or radio-frequency identification (RFID) card. Instead of multiple individual transactions, payments are made via a single itemized monthly invoice.

Paul Philpott, President and CEO of Kia UK Limited said:

“Kia’s partnership with IONITY is an integral part of our plans to make EVs a more viable option. A reliable infrastructure that supports the high voltage capabilities of our vehicles is critical to encouraging more people. to make the transition to electrical mobility.Moreover, this bolt-on supports the efforts of Kia and our UK dealers to educate customers and help them feel more comfortable owning an EV and charge. “

“With the Kia Charge, the combination of Kia’s long-range EV6 and access to IONITY’s comprehensive network defines the EV user experience. It provides a seamless journey through easy access to an extensive billing network, a simple payment process, lowering electricity prices and, most importantly, ultra-fast high-tech billing. ”

Customers can sign up with Kia Charge at or by downloading the iOS or Android app (look for ‘Kia Charge’ in the App Store or Google Play).

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