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Kim Jong Un orders man to be shot dead for selling illegal movies and music


Kim Jong-un The North Korean man was ordered to be shot for selling illegal movies and music, and his family was forced to witness his execution.

His father, Lee, was arrested 40 days later in front of a crowd of 500 in Gangwon County before he died.

Lee, a former chief engineer at the Wonsan Agricultural Management Commission, was charged with “anti-socialist” officials for selling videos to South Korean sources, a source said. Daily NK..

The publication claims that Lee was the daughter of a “class leader” or a neighborhood watchman while secretly selling his films and music.

Lee, 40, was killed 40 days after his son and daughter were forced to stand in the front row to watch the final stages.

Kim Jong Un (pictured) allegedly shot and killed a North Korean man for selling movies and music, and his family was forced to witness his execution.

North Korean officials have ruled that “this is the first execution of anti-socialist acts in Gangong province.”

“Analysts should not be allowed to live in fear in our society,” said officials, who said people had been sent to labor or educational camps in the past.

The “anti-socialist law” that led to the killing of anti-socialist behavior last year is believed to be Kim Jong-un’s supreme leader.

After the verdict was handed down, the source said, ‘The dead body was wrapped in a sack of straw and put in a box and taken to a certain place.’

He continued: ‘When the four guards saw Lee’s fallen wife dumping her, the family’s neighbors burst into tears. [into the van] Like a suitcase, they had to hold their peace and cry out in silence, fearing that they might be caught in the act.

Lee allegedly agreed to sell the CDs and USBs, and authorities are said to be hunting down those who bought the content, believed to have been sold among them. Five and $ 12.

A further 20 people have been charged in connection with the sale of South Korean music and films.

The source added: “If you watch a South Korean video now, you will face life imprisonment or death, so no one knows what will happen next.”


It is believed that the “anti-socialism law” that led to the assassination last year for anti-socialism behavior is a request by senior leader Kim Jong-un (photo) to block external influences.

You could be sentenced to seven years in prison simply for not reporting someone. The whole nation trembled with fear. ‘

It was only after Kim Jong-un reported that the university minister had failed to “complain” and “did not get enough accent”. The sun.

North Korea’s dictator has been sentenced to death for failing to comply with the president’s “distance learning law.”

Meanwhile, Kim Jong-un, 37, declared war on cats and pigeons and ordered the authorities to “remove” the animals as they were distributing Covi-19.

Border officials have been seen firing on heirs and searching for cats, believing the great leader to bring in Chinese coronavirus.

And one in four families in Hyesan, Yanggang Province, was placed in a separate facility on May 24 to raise a cat. Daily NK. Reported.

A source told the publication: ‘The family was given a 20-day sentence for illegally raising the cat following an order not to do so. [Sino-North Korean] Boundary.

Their families reportedly told authorities that their cat had died, and the cat appeared on May 22 near the border fence.

The families were sentenced to 20 days in solitary confinement, were not allowed to stay at home, and the cat was arrested.

But many say they do not believe the cat can cross the river into China and return.

Earlier this week, Kim Jong-un’s blonde hair and skinny jeans were also mentioned, fearing that “corrupt” Western culture could affect young North Koreans.

Earlier this week, Kim Jong-un was reportedly banned from wearing colored hair and skinny jeans for fear that

Earlier this week, Kim Jong-un was reportedly banned from wearing colored hair and skinny jeans for fear of “corrupt” Western culture influencing young North Koreans.

If little is done to stop the ‘invasion of capitalism’, the country will be torn apart like a wet wall, says a government newspaper.

People who repeatedly break strict rules on fashion, including dyeing or dyeing their hair, are sent to labor camps under the rules of dictator Kim Jong Un in December.

Those who donate luggage face these impossible consequences.

The North Korean newspaper Rodong Sinmun, a newspaper owned by the ruling Labor Party, wrote on Thursday: Let us adhere to our own way of life.

He went on to say, “We must be careful even for the slightest sign of capitalism and strive to eliminate them.”

North Koreans are said to be able to choose from 15 hairstyles approved by the country’s laws.


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