Kim Kardashian says the Northwest calls his home ‘Ugly’

Kim Kardashian just said that Northwest calls their home miserable when they fight. Check out the available details below.

Shade Room said: ‘It’s definitely the way it is, and it looks like it’s no different when she and Kim Kardashian have their differences of opinion.’

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The TSR said: ‘Recently, Kim sat down for a segment of’ Mom Confessions’ with ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’, and as asked, what is the most significant thing your child has told you? Kim replied, “Every time I get into a kind of disagreement with my daughter North … she thinks this is a grief for me. And she will say, ‘Your house is so ugly, it’s all white, who lives like that? ‘”

Kim continued, ‘She thinks it’s like me, and it’s mediocre because I love my house.’

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The TSR said: “During the segment, Kim also discussed what she thinks his greatest parent is missing.”

One said, ‘I can not wait for the North to write the whole book,’ and one commenter posted this: ‘With Kim as Kim, I’m sure to hear it hurts like the core …’

A follower said, ‘Mane, Northwest stays away from her parents,’ and a commenter posted this: ‘I wonder what she would say about my apartment if she got angry.’

A fan said: ‘Do they have differences of opinion? my mother would have rolled my lips out of my face, ” a commentator said, ‘North gave Kim a run for her money. No DNA needs 100% her father’s child. ‘

Earlier today we revealed this Kim Kardashian Fans are thrilled about their latest performance to read for themselves and the kids. Check out the latest news from The Shade Room below.

The TSR notes that ‘It seems like Kim Kardashian and her children are enjoying their luxurious Hidden Hills home over their dependent divorce from Kanye West. According to @tmz_tv, the reality star and entrepreneur is now the sole owner of the property. LA County records show reports that Kanye recently signed his rights to the gigantic home. ‘


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