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Kim Kickri Admits To Creating Fake DMs She Claims She Was From Khloe Kardashian


Rummies, we told you all that Kim Cakri faked a message to show that Khloe Kardashian was in her DMs, and Kim actually admitted it.

On Tuesday, the woman who has been claiming that Tristan Thompson is the father of her son for the past year, apologized for creating a fake message. But he still won’t let her keep quiet. In fact, she has made it known that she will continue to ‘troll’ the situation.

Posting on her Instagram story, Kim Kakri did a lot to get it off her chest. She said, in part: “What I posted yesterday was fake and I apologize for the way I did.” She continued to say that she was “really fed up with the bogus energy.”

Kim Kakri also said that Khloe “never saw me asking for a second Test.” She also said that Tristan Thompson “is a badass woman.”

Kim also said that Khloe tries to act like she’s not involved “she was on that struggle and left it.” At the same time, she said that she will continue to “troll” the situation. Last month, Kim went to her IG and said that Tristan has kids outside.

“@KhloeKardashian, I think you’re texting the wrong person. Umm, come here, sister! We have a lot to talk about. Remember you said True needed more siblings? Well, Give her on the way and maybe got one. I’ve got tea!” Kim continued, ‘I won’t post my conversation, sister. You can even text me on Snap. Let’s keep it behind us like the big ladies Oh, and stop worrying about that little girl because so many of them are giving me receipts in my DMs at the moment. Leave it sister, call me @KhloeKardashian.” She captioned the post, “Sister wife Khloe, let’s chat @KhloeKardashian. I found receipts you might want to check out.”

Neither Tristan nor Khloe have responded to Kim’s claims.

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