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Kristen Stewart says that ‘Spencer’ does not say ‘anything to know’ about Diana

TORONTO – Kristen Stewart says she did not intend to have a special glimpse into the reality of the later Princess of Wales after portraying her in the surrealistic royal drama “Spencer”.

Rather, Stewart says she sees the role of Diana as part of an art body that brings people closer to the larger-than-life figure.

Counted as “a fable from a real tragedy”, “Spencer” convinces the private unrest of the so-called “People’s Princess” as she receives a tense Christmas holiday with the royal family.

Appearing remotely for a live talk at the Hybrid Toronto International Film Festival, Stewart says she hopes “Spencer” does not contribute to the public invasion of privacy that plagued Diana’s life and legacy.

The actor says the film does not present any new biographical details or “says anything to know” about the royal icon, who died at the age of 36 in Paris on August 31, 1997.

Stewart says the project instead seeks to honor Diana’s preternatural power to foster human connection.

“I’ve been asked a lot if it’s cool to try to tell someone’s story when they’re not around,” Stewart told a TIFF digital talk show Wednesday before the movie premiere.

“We can imagine and dream and write poetry about how she feels about us, and (try) to get closer to her and how she felt. I think she offers this incredibly lush and complicated field for making art.”

To get into the character, Stewart said she struggled with the personal contradictions that fueled the ongoing public fascination with the Princess of Wales.

It simultaneously highlights top strengths and weaknesses, enjoyment and deprivation, media excellence and guileless honesty, Stewart said.

“She can hide nothing, and yet we know nothing about her,” she said. “She’s someone you’re really into. And that’s something she’s been talented at, born with.”

This report from the Canadian Press was first published on September 15, 2021.


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