Kyle responds to Lisa’s demands She spreads rumors about Erika

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Kyle Richards is having fun with her former The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-star Lisa Vanderpump amid her claims that she has spread rumors about Erika.

Kyle Richards apparently responds to her earlier The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Co-star Lisa Vanderpump claims to have spread rumors about Erika during Andy Cohen’s baby shower in 2019. Kyle is the only original cast member left on Beverly Hills Housewives franchise. Lisa was also an original housewife, but she chose to leave the show after the other women accused her of selling a story about Dorit Kemsley Download Radar Online. In an attempt to get Lisa to tell the truth, Kyle confronted her, and the two went into a jubilant match whether Kyle trusted Lisa or not. Lisa decided Kyle was not a good friend, eventually ending her relationship and her tenure on the show. She even decided to leave the season 9 reunion.

It seems that former housewife Camille Grammer also made it her mission to discover the truth. Camille revealed the fans they hear for the first time about the case against Tom Girardi and Erica Jayne’s involvement in Andy’s baby shower. At first she did not go into too much detail, only saying that one should spread the gossip to all the other housewives. Asked by fans for more information, Camille said she was a West Coast housewife and that they were allegedly a good friend of Erika. Camille has not been a housewife since RHOBH Season 2, but she somehow always finds a way to get involved in the drama of her former co-stars.

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Kyle is now having fun with Lisa on the heels of her claims that Kyle has spread the rumors about Erica at the baby shower. How Reality Blurb Reports, Kyle has covered Lisa on social media. Instagram users Christian Gray Snow posted a meme with a headline about Lisa accusing Kyle, while also pointing out that Lisa’s last show was not done so well with viewers. The headline of his post called Lisa pathetic. Kyle comments on the post with three of the crying laugh emojis. Dorit also commented on the same three emojis on the post. It is not clear if it applies Vanderpump dogs or the Lisa E! Talkshow, Supervised by Lisa Vanderpump.

This is not the first time that other housewives have commented on Erika and Tom’s legal scandal. Formal The Real Housewives of New York City Star Bethenny Frankel spoke on her podcast claims she heard about her alleged injustices over four years ago. She said Tom owed her then-fiancĂ©, Dennis Shields, thousands of dollars. She made it clear that she knew nothing about Erika’s involvement in his crimes, only that Tom was irresponsible with his money. Erika and her lawyers quickly expressed their dissatisfaction with Bethenny’s claims and called it gossip.

Lisa has always been accused of being manipulative in her group of friends The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Cast members. Can she tell the truth this time? Is it possible that Kyle was out? Spreading rumors about Erika back then, just to act supportive of her face? It will be interesting to see if their friendship is broken when Erika decides to return to the show next season. It has been reported that Erica is currently only talking to Lisa Rinna, so it does not look too good for Erica and Kyle next season.

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills will be broadcast on Bravo on Wednesday at 8am EST.

Source: christiangraysnow/ Instagram (via Reality Blurb)

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