May 9, 2021


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Kylen Lori responds to rumors that she and Chris Lopez have reunited – are they back together again?

During a new interview, Kylen Lori He is open about where and when Chris Lopez Stand in the moment. You know that Teenage mother The star and her baby’s father have shared two sons and their relationship has become quite tense but some fans are convinced that they are back again.

Now, while chatting with Hollywoodlife, he addressed these speculations and also expressed how he feels about marriage.

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‘I heard rumors that me and Chris [Lopez] ‘Came back together,’ he noted.

Sure enough, he had previously posted the following question in IG Stories: ‘Is it possible to move on to a romantic relationship with a partner after publishing a lot of personal drama with fights and relationships?’

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It clearly made people think he was talking about Chris even though he didn’t omit the name.

In fact, Kylein and Chris had a lot of fights and dramas but the incident happened briefly before they reunited and the second child was together so why do fans think it will just happen again.

Now, he told the publication that ‘no – we’re co-parents. That’s it. ‘

The reality TV star and mother of four also revealed that their second-born son recently started going to Chris’s house to spend time with his father after their drama.

How does she feel about marriage in general, Kylin told Hollywoodlife, ‘What do you know? It depends on the day you asked me. Some days, I like, ‘Wow, I really like to get married and share and get together,’ and some days I like, ‘I’ll never do that again.’ So, it really, depends on the day. Since you’re asking me today, I probably won’t say. Creed about 1. So, he’s going to be this nine months, you know, this week and he’s coming of age when I’m starting to spend some time with him. “