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These dangerous regulations are common in the mining industry but are also increasingly used in other industries such as meatworking, construction, hospitality and even aged care.

we know that Temporary workers in Queensland’s coal mining industry consistently earn less than their permanent counterparts – proving it’s a myth that temporary soldiers are getting the loading they deserve.

This is a rort that needs to end.

That’s why Labor committed earlier this year to implement a “same job, same pay” policy as part of our Safe Australia Work Plan. Under the Labor Government, workers employed through hirer companies will receive less than directly employed workers.

But it doesn’t have to wait until the election.

The Morrison-Joyce Government could now join the Labor Party to end these bribes and get workers better wages and conditions.

Scott Morrison and his Nationals colleagues talk about the big game being on the side of the miners. But just a few months ago, the Liberal and National parties joined forces with hirer firms in a supreme court case to perpetuate these bribes. He wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayers’ money to get temporary people robbed.

Scott Morrison has also worked with One Nation to pass IR changes that remove the rights of temporary workers across all industries.

Under the government plan adopted earlier this year, employers can take advantage of the permanent worker’s certainty – but they are not required to give them the benefits of continuous work, such as sick leave or annual leave.

If workers want to be temporary, they can. But from our conversations with miners, meat workers, and laborers, it’s clear that many temporary workers yearn for the security, pay, and conditions of permanent workers doing the same job alongside them.

Only the Labor Party has a plan to provide Australian working families with safer jobs, better wages and a fairer industrial relations system.

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