May 9, 2021


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Lancashire Mom and friends raise £ 4k for a charity close to their heart

An East Kilder mom and friend als raised 4,000 euros for a charity close to their heart.

Julie McFarlan and Pallas, Clare and Teresa joined ‘the Angels of the Turtle’ last weekend to raise money for the Glasgow Children’s Hospital in Kiltwalk.

Julie’s daughter Turtle has been in the hospital since she was born Tuberculosis Sclerosis – An abnormal genetic condition that causes cancerous tumors in different parts of the body.

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The 12-year-old tortoise now has phrases in all its major organs and is examined annually at the hospital.

But four years ago, the tortoise grew up to have a brain tumor, and sadly it grew again.

The tortoise had to undergo surgery in April last year, but it was delayed until October due to a cholera outbreak.

When the team completes the charity process

Mom Julie told him Lancashire live: “The tortoise’s brain tumor was identified in January last year and was scheduled for operation in April.

This is delayed due to COVID.

“The tortoise is not normally healthy, but we occasionally got sick and we took her to the hospital in October – the doctors decided to save her and she had the operation.

Since she had three major surgeries in nine days, I decided that I wanted to give something to the hospital where the tortoise would take care of her whole life and perform these vital and life-saving operations.

Julie’s idea to participate in Kiltwalk – a big 26-mile trip for a chosen charity – came from Clare McLean, one of her best palms at last year’s event.

Julie adds: “Claire was involved in a virtual Kiltwak last year, and that’s what inspired me to raise money for the hospital.

“Because of the epidemic, Keltwalk was imaginary again this year, so we made our way around Thornthal, Nighamham and Katkin tires, all the way back.

“We traveled 14 miles on Friday and the tortoise joined us on the last five miles on Friday – then we traveled again on Saturday.

We actually walked and walked three more miles, but the weather was nice, we couldn’t really ask for a better weekend.

“And the fact that we are planning to raise 200 200,000 in a group of £ 4,000 is amazing.

I’m more than listening – the bubbles on my feet are completely worthless. ”