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‘Laptop Library’ launched to help underprivileged children



Britain’s first ‘laptop library’ has launched today to help support and educate the country’s most disadvantaged children.

Initiatives launched by grassroots charity CC Foundation In partnership with leading IT services provider Totality Services, hundreds of children will have access to and borrow laptops.

This comes after a survey of over 13,000 children revealed that a huge 84% of children There is no access to laptops or computers outside the school. Mobile internet will also be made available when the survey revealed that nearly half (42%) have no internet at all at home.

launching on CC FoundationHeadquartered in Lewisham, with plans to roll out the scheme nationwide, the exciting initiative will allow children to borrow laptops for free to access the all-important technology and IT training in an effort to impart skills to the next generation.

The survey also showed that worrying two thirds of the children (63%) have not taken any education on how to stay safe online and keep their information private. Based on this, Totality has committed to a long-term partnership with the Foundation, offering regular IT training sessions, work experience and an apprenticeship plan.

Totality Services has funded the organisation’s ‘Tech Suite’, which will be home to laptops and training sessions in south east London, and it is estimated that this year alone over 1,000 children will take advantage of the ‘Laptop Library’.

All children must log out before taking the laptop home and bring it back if agreed. Each comes with a Wi-Fi dongle so that no matter what the situation at home, it can still be used to its full effect.

Rapper and CC Foundation founder Feki says of the partnership:

β€œWe believe that the mindset generated by low-income socio-economic conditions leads to a lack of motivation, low standards and an appetite for comfort at a low cost. We believe that by creating tech suits with inclusiveness Challenging these issues will go a long way, giving people an opportunity to see and set higher standards for themselves.

Adds Luis Navarro, co-founder of Totality Services, leading London-based IT support specialists:

β€œWhen we heard about the CC Foundation and the mission the team is running to help underprivileged children in the UK, we immediately wanted to help. The worrying findings of the survey offered a natural role for inclusiveness; technology to children. To provide access to it, the freedom to use it at home but most importantly teach them to use it safely.”

To learn more about Integrity Services, please visit: https://totalityservices.co.uk/

Chris Price

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