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Large minke whale wash up is seen in Redcar Beach


A large minke whale washed up on Redcar beach on Tuesday evening and was spotted by a walker this morning.

Fiona Robotham spotted the beach whale on her morning walk and made people aware of the sea creature through social media.

He said: “Some kind of big shark or whale swam the gulf. Just be careful nobody takes the dog down.”

The Coast Guard was contacted on Tuesday evening and an onshore team was sent to investigate the whales.

The Humber Coastguard has confirmed the death of the mammal.

A spokesman for the Humber Coastguard said: “We believe it is about ten or 12 meters long, it is dead.

“It’s about 40 meters in the water and British divers are doing some measurements and observing Marine Life Rescue.

“They have informed the council and found someone who can deal with the dead body.

“I would think mammal medicine would check for any bruising or any marks to see why it was washed away, but unfortunately they just wash but they will be looking for any injuries but nothing seems unpleasant.”

This isn’t the first time a large whale has flown off the Teesside shore ten years ago, with this week marking the occasion that the tragic death of a trapped sperm whale left hundreds of people dead after desperate efforts to save the mammal in 2011 attracted.

Maureen Bates, who was at the beach with her eight-year-old daughter, Megan, said at the time: “We just wanted to come down and see for ourselves because it’s probably the closest we’re ever going to get to the sea. in the whale.”

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