Latest news from Brian Laundri: Lawyer says the family wanted to avoid a “public frenzy” over missing weapons

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Brian Laundrie shot himself in the head, the family lawyer confirms

Where the gun was used in Brian LaundrieThe death is still unknown, days after a lawyer for the family revealed the results of an autopsy of the 23-year-old’s remains.

Mr Laundrie, who had been the focus of a hunt for more than a month when investigators searched for clues to Petito’s death during their van journey by van together, turned out to have shot himself in the head.

The Laundre family’s lawyer Steven Bertolino said his parents had been informed of the cause of death, a gunshot wound and that the death was suicide. He was also reported to have said that the missing gun was not mentioned earlier to avoid a “frenzy” among the public.

This comes after the results of the autopsy in October did not find a decisive cause of death, partly due to the remains being found submerged in an area of ​​Myakkahatachee Creek Environmental Park in Florida on October 20.

Authorities have also tried to repair a personal notebook taken from a dry bag near his body as part of their investigation into the death of his girlfriend and fiancé Gabby Petito, in addition to the gun.

Crucial to their investigation will be Laundry’s digital communications, including his texts and emails, use of social media and surfing history before his death.


ICYMI: Can Laundry’s notebook provide clues to unanswered questions?

A notebook found near the skeletal remains of Gabby Petito’s boyfriend Brian Laundrie may represent the last hope the authorities have for finding answers about her death.

Laundrie, whose death was confirmed to be gunshot wounds by suicide on Tuesday, was found in Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park on October 20, along with personal belongings including a notebook that had been sealed in a dry bag.

The area had been under water for almost a month, and the laptop was damaged by water, but North Port Police spokesman Josh Taylor said last month that it could be “rescue”. Bevan Hurley has more.

Charlene Rodrigues26 November 2021 09:29


Stepfather pays tribute to Gabby, his mother and grandmother on Thanksgiving

Gabby Petito’s stepfather Jim Schmidt paid tribute to Thanksgiving to his family, including Gabby, his mother and grandmother, whom he lost the same year.

“Visited Mom today. Our first Thanksgiving without her, Grandma and Gabby. I miss you all so much,” he tweeted. “I know you are all together watching over us. Life is truly a gift and love every minute of it. Be present in every moment with your family and live life to the fullest. ”

Schmidt added that his mother passed away in April after battling pancreatic cancer for 11 months, while he lost his grandmother “a week after Gabby’s service”.

Namita Singh26 November 2021 06:21


Former FBI agent predicts legal problems for Laundri family

A former FBI agent says charges can be filed against the Laundrie family.

In an interview with NewsNation, retired FBI agent Jennifer Coffindaffer said: “I think the laundries have a possible debt below 18 USC 3, which is an accessory in retrospect, and possibly 18 USC 1519, which is an obstacle if they have manipulated evidence after the crime was committed. “

However, Steven Bertolino, the lawyer for the Laundrie family, had previously said that he did not expect any legal problems for the dead man’s family.

“I have no reason to believe that any charges will be brought against Chris and Roberta Laundrie in this case,” he told Insider.

File: Roberta and Chris Laundrie talk to a police officer on October 20, 2021

(Fox news)

Namita Singh26 November 2021 05:53


The FBI criticized for not warning public Laundrie was armed

Social media users criticize the FBI for withholding information about the possibility that Laundre would be armed during his hunt.

“Why do we even have an FBI? During the entire search for Brian Laundrie, the public was not once warned that he may be armed!” wrote a user.

“The FBI is completely out of control. MANY people searched for this person without knowing he could be armed !!!” wrote another user.

Namita Singh26 November 2021 05:07


Missing weapon information is withheld from the public to prevent “frenzy”

Steven Bertolino, a lawyer for the Laundrie family, said Daily mail that one of the family’s weapons was missing when their son disappeared, but it was kept away from the public because they did not want to panic.

“We did not want the public to go crazy over it. I do not think they considered him dangerous to anyone he met on the street,” Bertolino said.

Earlier on Tuesday, Bertolino told Insider that the family had handed over five to six weapons the same day Laundrie was reported missing, but one gun was missing.

Utah police talk to Brian Laundrie after driving over the van he was traveling in with his girlfriend, Gabrielle ‘Gabby’ Petito


Namita Singh26 November 2021 04:07


Petito’s mom pays tribute to her Thanksgiving tribute

Nichole Schmidt paid tribute to her daughter on Thanksgiving and described herself as a mother who learned from Gabby Petito to “live with love, laughter and gratitude”.

“Gabby will forever remind me to be grateful for every moment, every breath and every memory. I will always cherish what I have had and have in the present. Live with love, laughter and gratitude,” Schmidt tweeted.

Namita Singh26 November 2021 03:35


The dark themes that permeate Brian Laundrie’s digital footprint

Brian Laundrie was a prolific social media user, and after his disappearance in September, his posts were searched for clues to his state of mind during his van-life tour with girlfriend Gabby Petito.

About the time Petito died, he put up a cover for the book Burnout, how to deal with autistic burnout to his Pinterest account.

His death was confirmed to be suicide by gunshot wound in late November.

Bevan Hurley26 November 2021 03:32


Gabby Petito: Everything we know about YouTube’s murder on a dream trip

On July 2, Gabby Petito and Brian Laundri embarked on a dream trip to “van-life” through the United States.

Two and a half months later, her remains were found buried in a shallow grave in a remote part of Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming.

Here is a timeline of the tragic events that led to Petito’s death.

Bevan Hurley26 November 2021 02:32


“We miss you Gabby”: Joseph Petito writes a touching message about Thanksgiving Day

Joseph Petito has posted a moving Thanksgiving Day message to his daughter Gabby.

“Thanksgiving, a day to be grateful, caring and giving,” Petito wrote.

“Hug your family and friends. Be grateful for the time you spend with them all. We miss you #Gabbypetito You should be with us, but now we only have the pictures. ”

Petito has been a tireless advocate for missing persons and victims of domestic violence since his daughter’s disappearance and death.

He and Petito’s other parents have formed the non-profit Gabby Petito Foundation to help raise awareness and reunite families with their missing loved ones.

Bevan Hurley26 November 2021 01:32


Gabby Petito’s mother says she did not see any red flags in Laundre’s relationship

Nichole Schmidt, Gabby Petito’s mother, says she did not suspect that the man who may have become her son and teammate was a domestic worker.

Speaking to Dr. Oz in a recent interview, Schmidt said, “I do not know why Gabby did not open up to me about certain things.”

She added: “We just did not see any red flags.”

Ms Schmidt confided in Dr. Oz that she was still suffering terribly several months after the family’s worst fears were confirmed when her daughter’s remains were found in Wyoming on September 19.

Petito’s boyfriend Brian Laundrie was confirmed to have shot himself in the head after an autopsy by a forensic anthropologist.

Bevan Hurley26 November 2021 00:32

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