Latest on the COVID-19 community outbreak – Monday, November 15

8:05 – Ardern reiterated that Aucklanders could see more freedom on 29 November, but that’s not a guarantee.

“On November 29, the Cabinet will meet to make decisions on when to relocate Auckland to the United States. [traffic light] frame,” Ardern said.

“We gave a very strong signal at that meeting that very soon we would make decisions to reframe Auckland. Nothing has changed.

“We decide on the 29th, we announce that decision on the 29th, and then there will be a date and we’ll change it later.”

7:52 – Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said the AM Show Aucklanders will come out of lockdown, pointing to the imminent opening of retail stores as an example.

“Obviously retail opened last week, schools are back this week so hopefully in Auckland you’re seeing signs of easing these restrictions.”

7:34 – Modeler Shaun Hendy says the epidemic in Auckland could reach its peak.

But he says other parts of the country could be on a bumpy ride.

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7:19 am – The Prime Minister also advocated for home isolation amid fears that there will be more deaths as a result.

The vast majority of people who get the vaccine will have only mild symptoms and can safely isolate at home, Ardern said.

He said everyone is offered the chance to isolate in Managed Isolation and Quarantine and have daily conversations with healthcare workers.

7:16 am – Ardern said that he does not expect many resignations as the vaccination requirement for teachers and health workers begins.

Ardern said that no school had applied for an exemption on the grounds that it would not have enough staff. Another example is bus routes,” he said.

“We have more than 1,400 bus routes for schools across the county, 17 of which I understand have been impacted by missions.”

7:12 – Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said that November 29 is not the day of freedom, but that the people of Auckland can see more freedom.

Ardern said that given the vaccination rate, Auckland will see 90 percent double vaccination rates on November 29, resulting in a move to the new traffic light framework.

6:57 – The tourism community in Rotorua has serious concerns about the impact of COVID-19 on businesses.

The Lake District confirmed two positive cases in which two hospital workers were forced to isolate.

Mayor Steve Chadwick said there were concerns as Rotorua relies on tourism dollars to survive.

06:45 – Austria is putting millions of people under lockdown from the coronavirus as of Monday to deal with record levels of infections and increasing pressure in intensive care units.

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6:38 – Auckland businesses are feeling anxious as they await a new COVID update from the Cabinet this afternoon.

Business association Heart of the City is seeking an opening date of December 1.

CEO Viv Beck says quarantine survivors hang by a thread.

06:32 – With just five days left to take a double dose on time, the countdown to a quarantine-free Christmas has begun.

With only six weeks to go into the holiday season, those who haven’t hit their first shot have until Friday to get the ball rolling.

Epidemiologist Michael Baker says it’s time to act.

06:24 – Health officials are concerned that rural Maori populations are most at risk as the Delta outbreak spreads across the country.

COVID-19 is currently in Rotorua, Taupo and Tararua with 207 new cases reported as of Sunday.

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