May 6, 2021


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Latin Bengalru Luxury Stay Experience – Part 2

On the last blog, I gave an overview of the security precautions to be taken for the night and during my stay here I had the opportunity to stay in the Legacy Suite.

The night has rooms such as the Deluxe Room, the Premier League Room, the Executive Club Room, the Executive Collection, the Luxury Collection and the Night Collection.

The Lolita Legacy Collection is spread over 1052 square meters and is unusually large. The carpet, the curtains, and the interior are all luxurious. The heated wooden floors and modern furniture provide experiences such as a palace.

The Legacy suite has a spacious living room, master bedroom, dressing room, and a dedicated dining room. The collection has a private balcony and is fully furnished.

Additional room amenities include a nightclub lounge, a direct dial telephone, electronic security, a bathroom with bathroom and luxury bathroom services, HD TV, and private access and registration facilities.

Guests staying at the Lollipop Heritage Collection can receive services such as 20-minute signature massage, Butler’s inquiries, housekeeping twice a day, two-way airport transfers, entertainment services, and more.

During the hotel tour, I visited parties and wedding venues.

It has 6 spacious spaces for the night.

It is spread over an area of ​​10 hectares, with nightclubs, nightclubs 1,2,3 & 4, and the Great Hall of Fame.

Calendar is a small ሰፊ 10,800-square-foot venue with a large venue for any large-scale event.

Similarly, Night 1 and 2 can accommodate a maximum of 100 people with a total area of ​​2624 sq. Ft.

The Grand Ballroom, the most luxurious and spacious area in 3696 sq.m. Affordable, but at least these places are ideal for any occasion.

The night is one of the most widely distributed land in the world, and it has a different green area than what you call “Vrindavan.” This place looks like a forest or a farm, but it is on the hotel grounds.

Vardavan has a garden, a temple, a greenhouse and a beehive, yes, you read right, beekeeping. The hotel uses honey from a beehive and the honey here is organic without any added ingredients.

While I was here, I explored the area and went into Zen mode.

Lalit Hotel was also one of the hotels where Mahatma Gandhi held a prayer meeting during his stay here and met with freedom leaders. With this in mind, the hotel has a special place where our father holds night meetings. Gandhi Smarak Mahatma Gandhi is a place where prayers are marked and a marquee is made.

The hotel has a rich history and they were able to fight it because of these difficult times and now the country is in a state of openness, now open to tourists and it was unusual for me.