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L’aupaire Chat Nei Musek & Säi Liiblingslidd

Rising Berlin artist L’aupaire has already collected more than 85 million streams of his songs, and deserves a growing following thanks to his ability to create soothing, addictive folk pop that is perfect for summer, or anytime. He has had much success in his home country, playing global stages such as SXSW, Sziget Festival, Melt! at the Dockville Festival. He just released his new single “Lisbon” with German artist Luisa and PopWrapped caught up with him to talk to his favorite artists and future plans.

Moien L’aupaire. Introduce yourself and tell us a little about your music.

Hello, I’m L’aupaire. I am a singer-songwriter and producer from Berlin. I like to write songs. I like blues, country, folk. The female. Pedal Chair. Dynamics. Drum Beats. Live Shows.

How is the music scene in Berlin and how does it affect, if at all, your sound?

I had my vision and my sound before I moved to Berlin. Which basically came from being a music fan and listening to records for my whole life. Developing my own taste and somehow thinking deep inside me: There is something I need to say and let this world know! Berlin is full of music, talent, songwriters, producers who are really inspiring on the one hand, but on the other hand it can really be too much to take one. I’m happy to live on the edge now.

We love your recent single “When I fall” – who or what inspired it?

It was only a few weeks before my second daughter was born. I had a lot of things on my mind. I was really looking forward to becoming a father for the second time but also afraid of all the challenges and responsibilities that this whole process brings with it. After a long winter, there was a certain point where I felt ready for it all. I wrote a lot of songs during that time.

You’ve had over 85 million streams online – how do you feel many people are listening to your music?

I’m really happy and really proud of it. You need a team behind you that believes in you and your music. I have to thank a lot of people who support me. Personally: I have been releasing music constantly over a period of 6-7 years. Always try to write the next song that is better than the one you wrote before. There is also a risk to take sometimes for example a rework or a feature. Do something new. Do not be afraid to make mistakes that you do no matter what. haha. I hope this is just the beginning and I can release a lot more new songs and albums.

Which bands or artists would you say are your favorites?

Wilco, Bon Iver and Gregory Alan Isakov.

Which song, of all the outsiders, would you choose to be your top choice?

I have so many but I take that one: “Tom Traubert’s Blues” by Tom Waits. I think it’s just that perfect song. Melody. Wierder. Mood. Style. Heart. Gefill.

Finally, what’s next for you – new music or projects you can do?

I’ll be dropping an album next year – I’m really excited about it.

Listen to L’aupaire’s new single “Lisbon” below and to stay up to date with him, visit his Website, like his page Facebook or pursue him further Twitter in the Instagram.

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