‘Law and Order: Organized Crime’ Recap: Season 2, Episode 5

You can take the stacker from SVU, however, as of this week Law & Order: Organized Crime proves you can not remove SVU from stacker.

This universal truth comes to light when sex dealers call it quits SVU‘s Benson & Co. helped identify in the first half of this week’s crossover becomes the object of Elliot’s obsession in the second half of this week’s crossover. (Read it SVU summarize here.) And with good reason: The illegal operation is attracting undeserved young Albanian girls to the US by putting careers ahead of them … And the Albanian who is responsible for all of Shebang? Flutura Briscu.

When he pretends not to get enough of Flutura, the stacker acts like a cute sick horndog and gets entry into the house where she is holding all the girls. He sweetly talks his way to a concert that works “safety” at the next party, where rich dudes pay for the young ladies The Count of Monte Cristo that he gave Rita, another Albanian waitress. But she is nowhere to be found, and he fears the worst.

On the night of the party, SVU’s Benson and Tutuola organized crime Slootmaekers and Narcotics’ Brewster surveillance over trucks; Bell is in, thanks to Congressman Kilbride, who brings her as his Plus-One, just like the Stabler. After determining how the scheme goes down, Elliot leads the team outside of the start to storm the party. But then he sees Rita and tries to take her out, she freaks out, and Stabler wanders into yet another room full of suspicious guys with weapons. Thanks to Bell, however – who looks surprising in an iridescent coat – he escapes. And also Flutura, thanks to Stabler, who gives her a literal piggy ride from a balcony to the sidewalk below.

Law-and-Order-Organized-Crime-Season-2-Episode-5-RecapAnd when the stacker sees Rita in a car, he steals the delivery truck’s motorcycle and chases the vehicle until he is able to do the car accident and rescue Rita. She is scared, does not understand at all what is going on, until Stabler declares that he is a policeman and that her young son is safe and is in Interpol detention in London. She is very grateful; he calls in the crash and then runs away.

Back at the boxing gym, the Albanians wonder how things could have gone so wrong. That’s easy, says a restless Flutura as she stands at the door: Her organization has a time.

Elsewhere, Bernie is sure Eli stole some of her Valium – and he did. (Side note: Oh noooooo, Eli! Olivia Benson did NOT deliver you in a CAR WRECK for you to throw away your life!) Even though Eli and his friend plan to sell the pills, the friend convinces him to try the goods and “take off the edge.” So he does.

Law-and-Order-Organized-Crime-Season-2-Episode-5-RecapAt the end of the episode, Liv is in the stable apartment to check if she hears something bright in the bathroom. And when Eli comes out, she notices some pills on the floor – they realize Bernie was not wrong. Eli is already gone when this happens; Stabler says he stays the night and talks to his son in the morning.

When he leaves Liv, she says she thinks it’s time for him to come home. He assures her he’s careful, but she touches his cheek as she clarifies, “I think before Eddie Wagner takes over, and Elliot Stabler is nowhere to be found.”

Now it’s your turn. What do you think of the episode? Sounds like a comment!

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