Lawrence Kasdan directed a documentary series about George Lucas and ILM

With such a historical story, fans always wanted a highlight behind the curtain of Lucasfilm. Whether it’s just a look behind the scenes of the company or a deep dive into the process of creating a specific work, it’s no wonder that a number of documentaries have been made with Georges Lucas, his films, and his company. Now it seems that another is on the way as a multi-episode documentary about Lucas as well as the revolutionary visual effects company he founded, Industrial Light and Magic (ILM).

According to the composer James Newton Howard, his friend and a longtime employee at Lucasfilm Lawrence Kasdan, a man who is a credited writer on some of the studios’ greatest films The Empire strikes back, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Return of the Jedi, The power awakens, in the Solo, will direct a six-episode documentary about Lucas and ILM.

This was on the Score: The Podcast where Howard said he had just finished the documentary. Howard has also revealed that he may be involved in the upcoming Disney + sequel to the LucasFilm 1988 film Weiden which is monitored Jon Kasdan, the son of Lawrence.

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Industrial Light and Magic was founded in 1975 by Lucas as he wanted to create groundbreaking special effects for his upcoming film, Star Wars (maybe you heard of it?). Together with Douglas Trumbull, Lucas brought together a team of students, artists and engineers and after the success of the original film, Lucas started to expand the company to create special effects for not only the whole of Star Wars Saga and other Lucas projects like Indiana Jones, but also movies like that Back to the future Trilogy, Terminator Continuation, the Harry Potter Series, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and even more, which appear in about 300 different movies.

ILM was bought by Disney when its parent company, Lucasfilm, was bought back in 2012. With such a long and accomplished involvement in some of the greatest series and blockbusters of the last 50 years, a multi-part in-depth look into the history of the studio will be very interesting to watch.

The documentary has no release date yet and has no means of distribution. While Disney and Lucasfilm have not confirmed they will be involved in this production, it’s fair to expect it to come to Disney + with the rest of the projects from the series’ theme.

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