Lawyer acquitted of murder

A Sydney teenager has been acquitted of a murder seeking to become a lawyer after he denied knowing he had arrived at the scene with a gun-wielding killer.

Omar Elomar, a relative of the deceased terrorist Mohamed Elomar, died on February 15, 2020, after being shot in the chest at close range at Miller Park in Miller.

The 18-year-old was sitting in a car with his younger cousin as the Elomar family and members of the Isaako family got together.

Noah Albert, a member of the Isaako family who arrived on the scene with the gunman, was acquitted in the NSW Supreme Court on Friday of the murder of Mr. Elomar.

The Crown relied entirely on circumstantial evidence to support the claim that Mr Albert had engaged in a joint criminal attempt with the gunman to seriously harm someone.

However, Judge Ian Harrison was not satisfied beyond reasonable doubt that Mr Albert had foreseen the possibility of one of the men being shot dead.

Mr Albert denied knowing that the gunman had a shotgun at any time before he was shot.

A summary of the court’s decision read, “The Court ultimately decided that Mr Albert’s statement could not be shown to be untrue or improbable in nature and could therefore possibly be true.” Said.

The murder has been the culmination of tensions between the two families in the past 48 hours.

One young person from each family led to a fight involving 10 young people behind Casula Shopping Center on February 14th.

The court said younger men, older than Elomar, had discussed the attack at a family gathering on 15 February, prompting someone to exchange insulting and offensive messages with Mr Albert.

They eventually organized to meet across from a school in Miller. The Elomars bought a baseball bat and cricket logs and distributed them among their groups.

But two minutes after he arrived, the gunman, who was in a car with Mr. Albert, approached Omar Elomar and shot him dead.

After the attack, the suspect allegedly claimed to be the shooter by mistake.

Read the message “I think I killed it, delete everything I’m looking for soon”

And 20 minutes after that: “I met him and I shot that boy in the chest”.

The royal said that if she didn’t know about a weapon, she would have reacted with horror rather than falsely claiming credit for the deed.

Defense attorney Paul Johnson argued that his client tried to “defuse the impending conflict” after the fight, as seen in other text exchanges.


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