Le Col Hors category Deep Winter gloves review

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At this time of year, a pair of the best winter cycling gloves is essential to keep your hands warm and protected from the worst elements. These Hors Categorie Deep Winter Gloves are designed to do just that, with a windproof and thermal fleece insulation, all wrapped in a DWR water-repellent exterior with a gripping silicone palm. These gloves are not as loaded with technical features as some other gloves, but they get the details right and the performance is great.

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Le Col Hors category Deep winter gloves

The outer layer is DWR coated for water repellency (Image credit: David Arthur)
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Le Col Hors category Deep winter gloves

Silicone chevrons provide grip on the underside (Image credit: David Arthur)

Design and aesthetics

These Le Col gloves aim to live up to the deep winter name by using a thick fleece insulation designed for temperatures down to 5 degrees C, yet they manage to achieve this without excessive bulk. The outside is covered with a DWR (Durable Water Repellent) coating and there is reinforcement at the key seams around the fingers to prevent wear.

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