LeBron James ejected after pulling Isaiah Stewart an evil elbow to draw blood

LeBron James was ejected during the Pistons vs. Lakers game on Sunday for hitting Isaiah Stewart in the face and drawing blood. Stewart responded by trying to charge LeBron, but was unsuccessful, making him look stupid.

Los Angeles Lakers v Detroit Pistons

Source: Nic Antaya / Getty

This season you have Los angeles lakers have struggled to find their chemistry in court, even with the most veteran talent on a roaster. Russell Westbrook started as a sales machine, LeBron James came out with a groin injury, and Frank Vogel could not put together a formation to save his life. It is safe to say that it is a very frustrating time to be a Laker or a Laker fan and the frustration has only been a little over a year since won the NBA Championship.

Last night, Lebron James returned from injury and everyone was waiting to see how the King would help back in the lineup. Before we could even get that answer, however, LeBron went to the bench after he was ejected.

With 9 minutes and 18 seconds in the third and the Lakers behind 78-66, LeBron James threw an elbow that made the face of Pistons striker Isaiah Stewart bleed. After the bad elbow, Stewart would go on to escalate things for a good time after following LeBron several times from all over the arena charging stations. His escalation of the order also drove him out of the game. Luckily for LA fans, the Lakers would come back to win the game after dropping nearly 20 points.

Gilbert Arenas took to Instagram to remind Stewart that he had tried the face of the NBA and might have to pack his bags because no one reproached the King and thus left.

You can check out the altercation above and read Gilbert’s funny IG post below.


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