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Legion of the Dead update adds zombies to the game


Watch Dogs: Legion is getting a zombie PvE mode almost a year after launch.

In the special 22-minute gameplay trailer, Ubisoft Announced that the 4.5 update will introduce a new game mode called “Legion of the Dead”, which supports a maximum of four players.

Watch Dogs: Legion Online Director Jean-Pascal Cambiotti shared some juicy details about the new mode IGN. an interview with.

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“We were inspired by the many depictions of zombies in popular culture” – Watch Dogs: Legion Online director Jean-Pascal Cambiotti

Judging by the available gameplay footage, the objective of Legion of the Dead mode is fairly straightforward: play as a team, find supply packages, and reach the extraction point. Along the way, players must use their abilities and ammunition wisely as a horde of zombies will hunt them through the streets of London.

Speaking about the thought process and creative vision behind the genre, Jean-Pascal Cambiotti, Online Director of Watch Dogs: Legion, had this to say:

“I think playing with zombies is inherently fun, beyond the immediate gratification of destroying them. We were inspired by many depictions of zombies in popular culture, and in the game, we decided to make zombies slow but deadly.” Taken. They can be used as a gameplay tool when you sneak in and create chaos by luring them into the fortified Albion layout, saving your precious ammo for another fight. “

In this game mode, players are tasked with more tactical and team-based responsibilities as they are forced to rely on each other to survive it.

There are certain capabilities that will be available when the mod launches on June 1:

  • bee swarm
  • AR cloak
  • Fighter Spider-bot + Turret

It’s unclear whether the DLC is free or whether players will have to pay to access the new content that drops June 1.

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