Libya’s fatwa calls for Friday demonstrations to overthrow “legally fallen” parliament

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – On Thursday night, Libyan Dar Al Iftaa issued a statement calling for demonstrations on Friday to overthrow parliament, which it described as “legally, legally and morally”.

In a statement posted on its official Facebook page, Iftaa said: “The fallen parliament, legally, legally and morally, led by Aqila Saleh, has gone too far in its corruption and infiltrated its harm to people, and it continues – every day that passes, and in every session that takes place – it increases the work record. A new crime, because he is the one who shed the blood of Libya by supporting the wars that Khalifa Haftar started, the most recent of which was the war against Tripoli and supported bringing in mercenaries and occupiers. insulting religion and homeland, perpetrated by its president, leading them to the abyss. ”

And the fatwa continued in his statement: “One of the latest crimes in this alleged parliament is its restriction of people in their power, by withholding the budget from the government, which is considered an attack on all Libyans, by increasing their suffering and aggravating their crises. Move it and squeeze it. “

And she added: “Therefore, the Council of Sharia Research and Studies in the Libyan Iftaa urges all Libyans to go out into different cities and villages, tomorrow, Friday, to demand the overthrow of the House of Representatives, because it is no longer just pure harm, but has become like a tumor in a member of the nation.It must be torn up and disposed of, and it has been legally decided that “the harm will be removed”, and that rejecting harm from people is a duty that can not be left behind, and this can only done when people go out to demand its abolition .. Most Merciful “.


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