May 9, 2021


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Lifetime York City fans will be shining on the moon for the last time

A life York After the club’s move to the LNR Community Stadium, a city fan was given the opportunity to turn on the floodlights for the last time.

James Abraham, the club’s biggest supporter and volunteer, lit up the area on Tuesday (April 27) around 8.45pm and was spotted by neighboring streets and locals.

Anne Lang, a New York City supporter, won the competition at the age of 88, but instead decided to give the club a chance.

She said: “Although I am very happy to have chosen my ticket, I have been a fan and seasonal ticket holder for over 50 years, and I would prefer you to choose a more qualified person.

Maybe someone who did a lot of volunteering for the club, or a kid with a good story.

“The club would like to thank Anne for her generosity, which allowed James to see the ground for the last time,” said a New York City spokesman.