Like it was like playing Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s movie friend

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Of course, MK&A had a lot of people working with and for them and Wagner described it as “an amazing machine.” Thorne, their manager, helped develop the film, offering “very specific things” that he wanted to see in the story, according to Wagner, such as a private jet, a yacht and a move from a colder climate to a tropical one. Destination.

“Their team really knew their audience and what they wanted in the desired fulfillment aspect of it,” Wagner said. Unfortunately, the writer never had a chance to meet the twins in person, which he was looking forward to.

“It was full circle for me because I was a writer for the original Full house“, I revealed.” I got a chance to watch table readings and be on the set for tapings of the show. I was really hoping to say, look this intern actually has a writing career! But I never had a chance to do that.

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