May 6, 2021


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Linda Robson says controversial rumors with Burd of Feather co-star Pauline Kirke are “coding”.

Linda Robson broke her silence in a dispute with her co-founder of the Burd of Feat.

In an interview for the first time after Pauline was revealed to be among the stars of the BBC 1 show, Linda said they were still friends.


Linda Robson says she has no quarrel with Pauline KirkeCredit: Sun.

He is said to have stood in front of the TV studio toilets with Leslie Joseph.

Linda, 63, who has played Tracy Stubs since 1989, insists that Pauline, 61, missed last year’s Christmas special because she wanted to stay out of the light.

On Sunday, she responded to the Sun newspaper’s “irreconcilable scuffle” and said, “Pay attention to what Pauline and I heard about our agreement. It’s an old codeclop installation.

Pauline chose not to make birds of feathers. She wants to focus on her acting academy, that’s it.

Pauline and Linda on Feather Birds in the 90s


Pauline and Linda on Feather Birds in the 90sCredit: Rex

Children’s friends

We have known each other since we were ten years old. We are friends. Will Pauline return to the show? I do not know .

I know that the Christmas special was really good. ITV is really, really happy. ”

PaulineIn the comedy trajectory, Tracy played Sharon Theodopopodoz and Linda’s childhood friends.

In the late sixties, the people of London met at the Eisleton Anna Sher Theater School and first appeared together on television in Pauline Kirkis in the mid-seventies.

Parine Kirke, Linda Robson and Leslie Joseph, Doron Green play the individual


Parine Kirke, Linda Robson and Leslie Joseph, Doron Green play the individualCredit: Text

But the pair are best known for their bird feathers, which once attracted 15 million viewers a week.

However, there have been reports that the connection was severed after a clash at Teddington studios in February. Row Pauline It is said that this is the reason why she refused to attend the 30th anniversary celebrations in 2019 and a year later. Linda denies it.

Fortunately, the new podcast, which celebrates life after 50 years, is close to 75-year-old Leslie, who plays the beloved Dorothy Green.

“She is great,” said Linda. Leslie lives next to me in Wandsworth so I would go with my wife and we would leave things at her door.

Leslie Joseph photographed Pauline Kirken with Linda


Leslie Joseph photographed Pauline Kirken with Linda

“Most of the time, like Mrs. Tweiser, it’s ridiculous to have her hair tied around her neck.

“And then some flowers and that. But Pauline lives in Binghamshar, so it’s not easy to reach her. I left no trace of her at the door. ”

Linda She has been married to Mark Danford since 1990 and is survived by her 25-year-old daughter Roberta and 29-year-old Louie. She is 38 years old.

Linn Since 2012, she has been a regular guest on the ITV1 Day of the loose women show.

We have known each other since we were ten years old. We
They are friends. Will Pauline return to the show? I do not know

She says: “My nickname is Nani Linda or Bagi’s mouth because I always say how I see things.

Sometimes I get into trouble with him but I always tell the truth. It’s really like a family. We’re all one to each other and that’s what I like to be on the show.

“We always get behind each other, or if we make a mistake, or if we are told not to speak.” Lida Lisse thanks Pals for saving her life Partner Star Solomon returned from London on a women’s trip to Ibiza in 2018 and returned to London. To help her cope with stress, Linda turned to alcohol and felt that she had to die.

Three birds on a feather in the sun


Three birds on a feather in the sun

After Anne’s departure for the GCC, Leo’s friend Ben Kinsela was stabbed to death. Linn Linn Since 2008 The killing of the 16-year-old prompted protests in the capital against anti-knife protests and the review of knife penalties.

Linda recalls: “All loose women were very supportive.

We were in Ibiza, I had problems like this and Essei flew home with me earlier. All the loose women were very nice. Whenever I was not there, they would always call. A few of them came to see me and that, so yes, they were very good.

When it was locked, I was able to continue to manage and I was busy. Just going to the supermarket to get out of the house, going to the mall, that really saved.

Leslie lives next door. I leave the hair on the chin … and things like a tweezer to pick up the flowers

“I cleaned every closet. All I have to do now is finish. It is not as it used to be. ”

A strange story about loose women says that the two hosts are more than Paul.

Linda says: “In just one million years. I don’t know anyone who could. Everyone is happily married.

“Put it this way, I have never seen other loose women look at me in a certain way.” After Linda had a “sexy dream” about the superstar, the show had an amazing experience with Elton John.

Linda also tells the shocking news that two of Luz's female hosts are more than just Paul.


Linda also tells the shocking news that two of Luz’s female hosts are more than just Paul.Credit: Sun.

She says: “Loose women throw away meetings that are not possible. One day I woke up and I was really embarrassed and dreamed about Elton’s sexy dream.

“I hope my husband doesn’t know Mark,” I said. Feeling weird.

“One of the women in our salon knew Elton and sent a note saying, ‘Dear Elton, I just read your book and I loved Rocket.’ Do you remember the night we spent together on the Euro Star? ”

A few days later, to my surprise, he replied, “Dear Linda.” He was not a Euro star. It was the Eastern Express and we made a lot of noise and they drove us out.

“He has a great sense of humor. I never expected him to write in millions of years. ”

As a young woman, Linda was enjoying a side-by-side podcast. It was because she had the courage to go to a skyscraper. She said: “I have done more in the sixties than I did in the fifties. We talk about exciting people and what it’s like to be old and brave. ”

But Linda hasn’t stopped more actors and she’s watching one of the biggest shows on TV. She said, “I want to do a little more drama. I’ve been working for years and years, but I’ve been more popular with actresses since Luz and there aren’t many offers. I would like to do some work.

I want to do a Line Of Duty. Maybe I would be a tea lady. ”

Linda Robson breaks her silence on Paul Kirke’s controversy, not being a bird’s feather