May 9, 2021


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Line of Duty Series 6 Final Burning Questions – H., Carly Kirk and Steve Demons

Work line There are so many answers to Sunday night’s final nail-biter.

From the mysterious identity of H. to Steve Arnot, the drug problem and the murder of Gael Weller, many mysteries remain unsolved.

The last shocking trailer promises: “Every investigation has led to this.”

Martin Comston, who already plays Steven, promises that the show will provide “many big answers” in the last six episodes.

The actor praised the “great text” on it Twitter And they mocked the last one in the podcast: “If it goes well, it could be the end”

Speaking of Temple OfficeHe said, “There are a lot of wages coming on Sunday.

There are a lot of big answers coming up, and I think it deserves it.

At the Jonathan Ross Sofa, Martin’s supporters said they were “getting closer to their” wild theories. “

Here’s everything we need to know tonight …

Who is he?

Did Ted Hastings bow down?

The secret of the “H” or “Fourth Person” is the most well-kept secret on the show.

No one knows whether the shadow leader of the OGG (organized crime group) is a man or a woman.

According to the OPCG, Ted Hastings has been under a microscope for some time.

When John offered 50 50,000 to John Corbett’s widow Stephen, doubts were being raised as he tried to convince the audience that he was innocent.

How can Ted explain that he paid ሺ 50,000?

Question marks remain when Ted visits Lee Banks behind bars.

Their meeting was off-screen and their conversation remained a secret for fans.

In the last series, Lee Steve tells Ted that he believes Corbett is a prison officer.

If Ted didn’t tell Corbett’s real work, what was he really talking about with Lee?

Corbett was brutally murdered when his true identity was revealed.

Is Ted down?

Other options for H. include: Patricia Carmikael, Philip Osborne, and Marcus Turwell.

What will happen to Steve Arnot’s drug problem?

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Behind the scenes, Steve has been battling his own demons.

The examiner is taking medication to relieve his chronic back pain and is recovering.

Fans have been grieving over Steve’s inability to perform in his bedroom due to severe pain and injury.

Tensions are running high as Steve has only days to check in with HR to make a career appointment.

In an intimate conversation with Widow Stephe, an interested AC-12 officer stated that he could not seek help for nerve damage without endangering his future career.

Who killed Gael Vela?

Who killed Gale Weller?

Gail Veler’s Arrival at the Police He was brutally murdered to stop her investigations into an organized crime.

The author was exposing the corruption in the police world, and the OCC intervened in her assassination.

Karl Banks was heard bragging about the murder of a journalist before he was killed.

Earlier, his brother, Lee Banks, gave Gael a false interview to try and figure out what he knew about police corruption.

The identity of Gail’s killer has not yet been determined.

What happened to Carly Kirk?

What happened to Carly Kirk?

Carly Kirk disappears from the world of Line Of Duty.

The missing person has not been able to find a secret answer to her whereabouts.

After four consecutive seasons, Carly raises the question of whether she can return for the final six of the winter, and where does she really go?

The schoolgirl was hired by Tommy Hunter, an OGG staffer.

The teenager Carly DC was ordered to bring Mike Dredden to the scene of an accident, so the OPCG could secretly photograph him as a black prisoner.

When Lindsay Denton caught the pair in the car, the plan failed.

The savior turned to Carly, but she made a great escape.

She was seen boarding a boat before she was completely submerged in thin air.

What will happen to Jackie’s body?

What will happen to Jackie’s body?

Jackie Layot’s skeleton has been hidden for years.

She has been in contact with DCI’s Tony Gates and has run her business for OGG. A shadow property developer who hates drug trafficking has been killed in a series of shootings.

After all these years, the AC-12 finally found its refrigerator in its blood.

Jackie’s body was placed in an OCG in a vulnerable Terry Boiler refrigerator.

Terry, who has six consecutive Down syndrome, has been diagnosed with OCG. The freezer was not available at the time of the gel killing.

However, the same kitchen utensil was found in an empty space in the bloodstream that described Jackie’s connection.

“That’s all there is to it,” said Ted.

* Line Of Duty ends tonight at 9pm on BBC 1