May 6, 2021


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Line of Responsibility: Vicky Makulu’s mother in the dark about H before the end of the season

Vicky Makulu’s mother says HH is in the dark like everyone else.

Carol – a fan of the show and eager to see the end of the season like everyone else – says Di Kate Fleming, a TV star who says she has no desire to ask her son for help.

Instead, she hopes to find out the secret prostitute on Sunday night.

Special interview with Sunday Mirror Vicky could actually be H. “We don’t know 100%,” said Carol.

“We don’t know who she is, no, she is keeping that in the bag!

“Who knows? My beautiful daughter could be, she could be anyone.

We love him and treat him like everyone else and it will be wonderful for us too. We did not want to be in a situation where he could have known.

“We are big fans of the show, we have seen it all. In fact, we look at everything in Viki. ”

Carol and her husband Mick, both the utility manager at a finance company, love the 9pm drama on Sunday at the BBC.

As soon as each episode was released, the couple telephoned Vicky in their hometown of Nottingham.

But Carol is confused by all the words she uses in the reception line.

There are OCG (Organized Crime Group), AFO (Authorized Weapons Officers) and CIS (Crime Information System) – not to be confused with CHIS (Hidden Human Intelligence Source).

“I don’t understand all the police terms,” said Carol. It is filled with them.

“I think people value them and they know what they mean. It increases happiness. ”

“I’m so proud of my daughter,” said Carol, who says she’s dating her actor and producer Johnny Owen.

But she says that there were some troublesome times when she filmed the latest series of episodes of Vicky Belfast.

When she was not there, I was worried about her, she said we were worried about each other.

“But I know they are safe, so there is no problem. She was taking care of him. ”

Vicky has starred in all six Jed Mercury Award-winning police drama series. It was first aired in 2012.

For the final episode of the trailer, a large-scale shooting and anti-corruption team, AC-12, closes the secret H.

Police cars were also seen speeding down the road as armed officers descended to the residence.

Super Ted Hastings, who played Adrian Dembar, told police officers: “The AFOs are keeping the suspect safe.”

So the line-up fans were finally able to find out who Mr. Mister was.

Kate and his colleague Diy Steve Arnont (Martin Comstonston) were seen examining the clue that H was spelling “certainly” correctly.

And aficionados Sup Hastings also realized that they had made a similar spelling error – some from O.C.G. It makes them wonder if it is related.

The trailer shows men dressed in balaclava jumping from armed vehicles. In a fight with the OGG, Kate opened the van door, pointed a gun, and shouted, “Armed police!” He shouts. Before the screen turns black.

Carol says: “God, yes, the show is getting better. Her role is better than ever. ”

But the proud mother of her eldest daughter, Jenny, is equally happy outside of Vicki’s job.

After witnessing the healing power of music when her mother, Iris, died of the disease in 2015, she began singing to people with mental illness.

Says Carol: “This is a different role for her. She loves singing. She calls all members every weekend, even though she is away from work. She is that kind of woman. She is still fully involved and very close to her heart. ”

Gran Jean, a 96-year-old actress, has previously spoken out against mental illness, as she is still struggling to cope with mental illness.

Vicki says: “Regular exercise is important. That is not there right now. ”

Vicky first came to prominence with Nottingham director Neo Medows in 2006 on films such as “England.”

She says she is very happy in the East Midlands and once said of being in the area: “I envy that it’s a big deal.

I find Martin Comston living in Las Vegas even more extreme.

I live in my hometown. I said I couldn’t stay here all the time [London] Because ጓጓ I look forward to paying so much for a penny. It really makes me ****. ”

Carol also says that Vicky forced her to postpone the wedding.

But she refuses to draw attention to what her new roles are – or whether there is a seventh line of work.

“I honestly don’t know about any new series,” she said.

I don’t ask, not because I don’t want to know, but I don’t want you to sit anywhere. ”