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Linfield boss David Haley is preparing for life without Hayne Laverry


David Haley is preparing for life without Neverry after believing the striker “would have thought he would leave the club this summer”.

Lavary was on the run again on Tuesday night Linfield beat the Crusaders 3-1 Closer to the 55th league title.

Lavaveri has scored 24 goals in all competitions this season and is now eight points clear at the top of La Liga with just three games to go.

The former Everton academy striker is expected to return to the water, and Heley looks set to leave Northern Ireland’s Windor Park International.

Helen told the BBC: “He’s got the ability to go and do what he wants.”

It’s unbelievable while he’s here, but it looks like we’re going to lose tea.

That agent, who could not stand in the boy’s way, was part of the agreement when we entered.

I think it’s unbelievable. I’m still talking about Shin and I’m improving and improving and he wants to learn and he wants to improve.

Linn Laveri, who joined Lynffield in 2019, is out of contract in the summer and has already attracted interest from a number of clubs in Scotland, including Kilmarnock and Mazerwell.


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