Liquid VENOM costume looks like a real-life symbiot

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Symbiots are not real. Or so the government would have us believe. However, until the powers finally admit the truth, we must work under the premise that none of us will ever become a brain-essential anti-hero monster. Of course, this is disappointing, but do not despair. You can at least pretend that people think you’re combined with an alien symbiot. However, we do not find it easy to engage with traditional cosplay. Something made a gravity defense liquid costume that looked Venom come alive.

The Youtuber Jake Laser did not manage to make a normal costume of our favorite symbiot. He made one that looks as alive as Venom does on screen. His costume (which we first saw op Geeks are sexy) used ferrofluid to create a costume full of kinetic energy. It relies on ferrofluid, a magnetic fluid that is made to prevent lumps. It can do amazing things thanks to magnets, including looking like it’s alive. Ferrofluid moves in a manner similar to Venom’s black goo.

Laser got ferrofluid to run through his clothes by making his costume out of magnetic beads. The small magnets attract the ferrofluid, which then moves like an ink in its costume. The effect looks even better, as the fluid first raises its arm, as if gravity does not exist.


Of course, as this video shows, doing something like this is a little more complicated than all that. And considering how much ferrofluid you carry on your skin in the end it is not exactly ideal for one Halloween Party. But compared to how hard it is for our government to admit that symbiots really are? Well that is as easy as bending the head of a chicken.

We just hope Ferrofluid does not want you to do that. We do not want to experience all of Venom’s characters.

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