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Little Nightmares is free to maintain if you pick it up now


Fast! You also don’t have time to read this post, depending on how fast a reader is. Little nightmare, classic horror game, is free to hide if you download it from Steam before 6pm on Sunday May 30

You can hurry to the games Steam page now to set it to download, or you can read first if you think you can finish this post within the next 20 hours.

Little Nightmares is a side -scrolling horror game; imagine Limbo but there are scary chefs and more hidden. It made Adam wince when he wrote his Review of Little Nightmares back in 2017. “It’s definitely the kind of horror game I like,” he wrote. “Grotesque but not gross, and interested in thoughtful walks and hikes due to jumpscares and shocks.”

Since its release, the developers of Tarsier Studios have released a similarly great Little Nightmares 2, which wow Alice in February. They can move on now in something else.

If you haven’t played Little Nightmares before, then it seems like something you should definitely address. As mentioned above, you can add it to your account via its Steam page.

In retrospect, this post really shouldn’t take anyone 20 hours to read.

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