May 7, 2021


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TIt’s one of those games for those sides – in this case, Chelsea – obviously – all about the Champions League.

This is Thomas Tuchel’s side’s match against Real Madrid in the semi-finals. They drew 1-1 away from home to return to Stamford Bridge, The second leg will take place on Wednesday.

It is in these circumstances that a manager tries to land a number of stars in order to be healthy and new in the final competition with the Spanish giants.

Tuchel, meanwhile, are currently fourth in the Premier League, with a win over Fulham following Leicester City’s 1-1 draw with Southampton on Friday night. Third place finishes for the Auto Champions League.

Chelsea are five points adrift of Leicester and three points adrift of fifth-placed West Ham. So it will be interesting to see who plays. As the Manchester City manager has done in the previous 2-0 win over Crystal Palace, one suspects he will not ‘pull the trigger’ and will not take the plunge. First of all, Chelsea’s lack of depth (although impressive) is not as strong as Etihad’s, and City are unlikely to have the chance to slide as much as they can.

For Fulham’s dream (far, far unimaginable) there will be problems in the first world (in terms of football). Their worries are focused on what could go down rather than on the euro, and they need to overcome the urge to stay high.

Scott Parker’s side will no doubt hope that their hosts will be distracted by the European effort – will Chelsea focus more on a European competition that is unbeatable for most teams, as long as they do not hurt domestic injury? The idea is gone…