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MManchester City take a one-night lead from last week’s win over Paris Saint-Germain in their first game of the season, the first time in 10 years since qualifying for the Champions League final and beating Pep Guardiola. For the second time with Barcelona as manager (to add to his 1992 winning streak).

City qualified for the Champions League final in Vienna after beating Schalke 5-1 at Maine Road 51 years ago. This was the best performance of the Mercury-Allison era, with Mike Doyle clearing the gap, Neil Young Franny Lee and Colin Bell scoring two goals before turning the tide for West German champions.

The PSGs were busy with City’s second-half strategy in Paris last Wednesday, and the team at home is expected to remain unchanged. PSG, however, are deeply concerned about Killian Mbabane and will relinquish their decision to play until the end. The World Cup winner’s calf injury did not rule him out of Saturday’s 2-1 win over Lens, and he was seen in training on French television last night.

On Monday, Mauricio Pochettino said: “We need to review Killian. It is still one day, we have not decided, we will see tomorrow.

PSG, who lost 2-1 in Paris last week, know they must score at least twice on Tuesday if they are to make any chance of progressing to the second straight Champions League final.

Pochettino He said it would not change the structure of the PSG, whether in Mbabane or not, but stressed the importance of changing the group’s counter-attack opportunities.

“Tomorrow we must be ready to suffer, and when we have the opportunity, we must be clinical and aggressive.” They are important and we have to take risks, be brave, plan the game knowing that City is a team that can manage different game modes.

On the field, we have to be smart, trustworthy and show quality. The battle will be on, but we will be ready. Pochettino’s Spurs team, who scored three goals against Etihad two years ago, overcame a goalless draw in the quarter-finals. They needed at least three goals to make it that night, even in Mbabane.

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