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Live score and semi-final first game final updates


WA full-time whistle blows tonight, Michael Arteta From this point on, he would have a good idea if he could save something.

Given Their owners were willing to break away from the established European football structure In less than two weeks, Arsenal’s success depends on their Europa League success. However, Arteta and his players know that the Champions League qualifier is their last hope and that everything depends on them winning the final.

A prominent enemy stood in their way, and the hair returned to the magnificent jet-black mane. Unai Emery, Which eventually became a venue for the Emirates, went on a road trip to revitalize Villarreal, which was won by Red Bull Salzburg, Dynamo Kiev and Dynamo Zagreb.

Asked about his reunion with Emery before the game, Arteta said: “Unai knows the club really, and we know Unai, what he did before he joined here and what the football club did and that’s it.”

Regarding Villarreal’s threat, Arteta said: “Over the last 10 to 15 years, they have made great strides with different coaches, but they have always had a clear idea of ​​how they want to play. They have a lot of experience in this competition and a very clear identity in terms of style.

Obviously it is a two-legged affair and there is always something unclear about who is superior and who is more dangerous than the first leg, but we will see.

I say the main thing is that those with or without a ball, and in transitions and fragmented pieces, they have very clear ideas and some connections between the players. You can decide the final third and the game at any time.

They compete throughout the game and have the ability to change the system using the same players or different players during the game, making it very difficult to read.

Arteta is not a fan of misleading Villarreal’s intentions. He may be only the first leg, but make no mistake, this game can be played or broken.


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