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Local girl transforms backyard from beautiful to beautiful


SNYDER, NY (WIVB) — At a time when so many employers are struggling to find workers, and WNY is full of jobs, a local college student is working on her career so she can get through college. You can make your payment from And its far-flung neighbors are getting benefitted.

If you’re looking for Emma Baker-Terhar this summer, there’s a good chance you’ll find her in someone’s backyard, turning dull surfaces into masterpieces.

What was the first way in Snyder to make her mark on her parents’ home, when she went to college, became a way to pay for school while furthering her career.

“I actually just did it for my mom thinking it was. And then my mom convinced me to put it on Facebook to see if anyone wanted it. And it turns out people did.” ,” said Emma.

This will be Emma’s third full summer creating personal murals and other outdoor art projects for dozens of her neighbors. There were 70 assignments last summer, and Amherst High School grads are already on their way to the top this summer.

For Emma, ​​who will be a junior at the Art Institute of Chicago next fall, your fence or garage—or any surface really—is her blank canvas.

“And I love when people have crazy requests. (What like?) Like a family of flamingos or two dragons fighting, like fire and ice,” said Emma. “I love when people Post it again and I get to see them loving it in their backyard. And it just makes the fence pop. It makes them look really good. “

“I knew she was a very talented artist.”

For Jennifer Stockman of Snyder, it was a custom made piece pole. Needless to say, he is very pleased with the results.

“She sat down with me, asked me a series of questions about what interested me,” Stockman said. “He heard me, and apparently he delivered.”

It’s also comforting to know, she said, that the money is going to a great cause.

“It’s going to better itself and at the same time, it’s going to have stories,” Stockman said. “And that’s what it’s all about sharing our stories with each other.”

The spots are filling up quickly for Emma, ​​so if you’re interested in getting her to replace your fence or garage wall, connect with him via facebook.

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