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Local Hoosiers Are Taking the Initiative to Help the Environment


Sullivan, IND. (WTHI) — Two local companies are working together to set up a new renewable energy site near the Merom Generating Station in Sullivan, Indiana. The main focus of this new project is to provide a greener future for the local Hoosiers.

Over the next several years, more local residents will have access to renewable energy sources. till Monday, energy finder and Hoosier Energy announced that they would work together to develop 1,000 MW of renewable energy. The goal is to bring new power generation resources to the region.

“When you’re using renewable energy, it’s helping to reduce our carbon footprint,” said Kurt Darnil, communications coordinator for Hoosier Energy. “It’s very important, and that’s what we’re trying to do.”

Darnil says there are several parts to the plan for this to be successful.

β€œThe plan has a demand for about 200 MW of solar power and battery renewable energy,” he said. “It’s going to be available to Hoosiers through a power purchase agreement sometime in 2025.”

Going forward, Halldor Energy will seek other customers to develop the remaining production capacity at the new site. Additionally, Darnil says the overall plan is community-oriented and aims to help local Hoosiers transition to a greener future.

“It’s very exciting as we move forward to this greener future,” he said. “It’s not just talking about it, we’re doing it!”

Not only will this new development help Hoosiers today, but Darnil says he hopes we will see an impact for generations to come.

“What environment are we leaving for our children?” he said. “We can look back and say what we did to make sure they had a clean place to live somewhere.”

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