May 9, 2021


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Logan Paul is set to fight Floyd Mayweather on June 6

Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather announced their fight on Instagram after months of negotiations. The fight was initially scheduled to take place on February 25, but Mayweather’s team postponed it. The fight will take place on June 6 at Miami Hard Rock Stadium

Mayweather will enter the ring for the first time after his recent fight against Conor McGregor. This battle regardless of the outcome is a win for both sides as they are ready to win millions of dollars. This fight is also expected to break the PPV record as PPV King Mayweather will return against one of Logan Paul’s most popular internet personalities.

Logan Paul He made his professional boxing debut against fellow YouTube KSI in 2019 but lost the fight controversially. He will look to shock the world by doing something no one has done before, which is the overthrow of Floyd Mayweather. Logan Pawl is in Puerto Rico for a boot camp with his boxing coach Milton.

Paul didn’t go this fight well with the hardcore boxing community because they believe this is just an event to make money and have no respect for boxing. Canelo, who is currently the best boxer in the world, calls this fight “stupid”.

However, a lot of boxers and ex-boxers support this new trend of celebs fighting professional boxers as it brings so many eyeballs to the sport. Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson and current world heavyweight champion Tyson Fury came to support Logan Paul and Jake Paul because they believe the sport is now getting more attention and will benefit the sport in the long run. Floyd Mayweather would be the favorite to win this fight with ease given that he has a 50-0 boxing record while Logan Paul has not won any boxing fights.